If you like Scandinavian names, Eira is a very pretty name and has a very special meaning. If you want to know the meaning of the name Eira, in this article, you will find the meaning of the name Eira , its origin, personality, saints and popularity.Eira is a girl’s name .

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What does Eira mean?

The name Eira means “snow” .

Origin of the name Eira

Eira is a Scandinavian name . It is a name of Scandinavian origin, since Eira was the protector of healing and health. Formerly, women were the only people who could learn to heal and care, it was the task of women.

Diminutives and variations of the name Eira

The name Eira can also be written with H, meaning Heira.

The name Eira in other languages

The name Eira has no translation in other languages.

Personality of the name Eira

The women called Eira are discreet and reserved women . They do not like to be the center of attention in any situation, they prefer to go unnoticed. They may have some insecurity due to some unresolved conflict.

Generally, at work they are effective, efficient, responsible people with a great desire to prosper. His level of work is not very fast, but this aspect of his personality allows him to perform his tasks with precision.

In love relationships, Eira looks for the love of her life and someone to complete her. She may have some insecurity due to some unresolved conflict.

Celebrities with the name Eira

There are no celebrities with the first name Eira.

Day of the Saint of Eira

The name Eira does not appear in the saint list. It can be celebrated on November 1 , All Saints’ Day.

Numerology Of The Name Eira

According to numerology, the number of the name Eira is 6 .

Popularity of the first name Eira

There are 359 women in Spain named Eira and the average age is 9.8 years . If we look at the map below, we can see that the provinces in which there is a greater popularity of the name Eira are:

  • Girona
  • Lleida
  • Barcelona
  • Tarragona