Meaning of The Name Elizabeth | Know The Names Means and Origin

Everyone knows the name Isabel, its popularity has accompanied us throughout history to this day. Without a doubt, the most powerful and kind women have honored this classic name. Isabel has a special meaning: ” health and beauty “. Women named like this are affectionate, generous and hard-working. And, in Spain, 266,967 women are named Isabel.

If you want to know the full meaning of the name Isabel , keep reading this paraBebés article in which you will also discover curiosities such as its origin, saints, variations, personality and numerology. It will surprise you! Elizabeth is a girl’s name .

What does Elizabeth mean?

The meaning of the name Elizabeth is ” health and beauty “, but it also has the biblical meaning “faithful to God”.

Origin of the name Elizabeth

The origin of the name Isabel is uncertain, since it presents several theories.

It is a name that appears in the Bible and that may have Hebrew origin , if it is also related to the Hebrew name Elisa. Elizabeth in her biblical origin was the mother of John the Baptist and wife of Zechariah.

On the other hand, its origin may also come from Egyptian mythology by the fertility goddess Isis.

Dimutatives and variations of the name Isabel

Some diminutives of the name Isabel are:

  • Isa
  • Nice

Among the variations of the name Isabel, the following stand out:

  • Isabella
  • Isabela
  • shack

The name Isabel in other languages

Isabel presents different variations in the following languages:

  • English : Elizabeth, Belle
  • Inglés : Isabelle, Belle
  • Galician : Sabela
  • Hungarian : Isabel
  • Polaco : Behind, Isabella
  • Ruso : White, Izabella

Personality of the name Isabel

Women named Isabel are nice and affectionate . They like to spend time with their loved ones and her tenderness generates an inexplicable trust towards others. This makes people with an Isabel in her life unconditionally faithful to her, because she knows how to create special bonds and connect intensely.

Isabel is a hard- working woman who will do whatever it takes to give her family and friends a good life. She is a person who enjoys being surrounded by affection and being able to offer them the best. She is dedicated, passionate and romantic. When she falls in love with someone, that partner must live up to her and offer her 100% as she does.

People named Isabel are not only kind and generous, they also defend injustices if necessary. They know how to detect the intentions of others and that intuition will help them on many occasions. Your vocation could be teaching or some profession in which you can exercise your care and attention to others.

Celebrities with the name Isabel

Among the most prominent personalities with the name Isabel, we find:

  • Isabel La Católica : Historically, she was one of the most powerful women as Queen of Spain.
  • Isabel Rabago – Spanish journalist and writer who collaborates on television shows.
  • Isabel Durant – Australian television actress who rose to fame on the series Dance Academy .
  • Isabel Coixet : Spanish filmmaker notable for La librería and the current series on HBO Foodie Love .
  • Isabel May – American actress who stars in the popular Netflix series Alexa & Kati.

Saint Elizabeth’s Day

Isabel’s saints are celebrated on November 5 .

Numerology of the name Elizabeth

According to numerology, the number of the name Isabel is 3 .

Popularity of the first name Elizabeth

Currently 266,967 women are called Isabel in Spain with an average age of 57.4 years. These figures mean that Isabel has been a common and popular name in Spain for years.

In the following map, we can see the provinces in which the name Isabel is most popular:

  • Almeria
  • Jaén
  • Badajoz
  • Albacete
  • Cádiz
  • Murcia
  • Córdoba