Meaning of The Name Elizabeth | Know The Names Means and Origin

Are you curious about the name Elizabeth? This name of Hebrew origin is long and beautiful, which makes it an ideal option for your daughter if you are looking for an elegant and special name like this one. Elizabeth is one of the variants of Isabel, which we sometimes also see written as Elisabeth. This name also has a lot of personality.

If you want to know everything about the meaning of the name Elizabeth , as well as its origin, diminutives, personality, saints, numerology, popularity and more, we invite you to read this article from paraBebés. Elizabeth is a girl’s name .

What does elizabeth mean

The meaning of the name Elizabeth is ” woman protected by God “. This meaning refers to the fact that Elizabeth is a woman with the protection and help of God. That is why we can also relate it to other similar meanings, such as “woman to whom God gives health” or “woman to whom God gives his help”.

Origin of the name Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a name of Hebrew origin that comes from the word elisheva (???????????), but this specific form derives from English.

Diminutives and variations of the name Elizabeth

Some diminutives of the name Elizabeth are:

  • Eli
  • Eliza
  • Beth
  • Liz
  • Lizzie
  • Betty
  • Betsy

Among the variations of the name Elizabeth, the following stand out:

  • Elizabeth
  • Elisabeth
  • Isabela

The name Elizabeth in other languages

The form of the name Elizabeth is in English , and therefore there are some variants in other languages:

  • Spanish : Isabel, Elisa
  • Catalan : Elizabeth
  • Italian : Isabella, Elisabetta
  • French : Isabelle

Personality of the name Elizabeth

Women named Elizabeth are direct and strong . Her presence stands out wherever she goes, either because of her temperament, her great personality or because she is a very determined person in everything she does. She is not afraid to show what she feels or thinks, she is honest and transparent.

Despite her great energy towards others, Elizabeth is a calm person in solitude and, deep down, she only needs what makes her happy: to love and feel loved. She is an emotional and passionate person. Despite this, Elizabeth does not allow herself to be controlled by anyone.

Professionally, Elizabeth fits into jobs where she can evolve and reach increasingly high and prestigious positions. Also where she can exercise her creative ideas and be heard. They are intelligent, correct and cordial, they have a great sense of knowing how to act in every situation with elegance and determination.

Celebrities with the name Elizabeth

Among the most prominent personalities with the name Elizabeth, we find:

  • Elizabeth Taylor – Iconic Hollywood actress who played Cleopatra in 1963.
  • Elizabeth II : is the name of the queen of England.
  • Elizabeth Olsen – American actress and model, she is the little sister of twin actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
  • Elizabeth Banks – American actress, director, and producer who is notable for such films as The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect , as well as the Modern Family series .
  • Elizabeth Gillies – American actress and singer who rose to fame on Nickelodion with the series Victorious , currently stars in the series Dynasty where she plays Fallon Carrington.

Saint Elizabeth’s Day

Elizabeth’s saint’s day is celebrated on November 5 .

Numerology of the name Elizabeth

According to numerology, the number of the name Elizabeth is 7 .

Popularity of the first name Elizabeth

Currently, there are only 10,011 women named Elizabeth in Spain and the average age is 36 years. These figures mean that Elizabeth is a rare name in Spain, despite being more popular in other countries.

In the following map, we can know the provinces in which the name Elizabeth is most popular:

  • Santa Cruz of Tenerife
  • the palms
  • Málaga
  • Sevilla
  • Córdoba
  • Alicante
  • Guadalajara