Meaning of The Name Esmeralda | Know The Names Means and Origin

Esmeralda is a feminine name with a great personality: it is original, rare and precious. This name is as beautiful as the green gemstone that gives rise to it. Emerald means “brilliant” and comes from the Greek, in addition to having a presence centuries later in literary works such as Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. Women named Esmeralda are creative, dreamy and very lucky in their lives.

If you want to know more about the meaning of the name Esmeralda , you can continue reading this paraBebés article where you will also find its origin, personality, saints, popularity and many more curiosities that will surprise you about this original name. Esmeralda is a girl’s name .

What does emerald mean

The female name Emerald means ” bright ” and is born from the green mineral that bears the same name. With its gemstone-related meaning, it can also be said to mean “valuable” and “beautiful.”

Origin of the name Esmeralda

Esmeralda is a name that comes from the ancient Greek smáragdos (?????????) that, later, would pass to the Latin smaragdus and this to the French esmeraude . Since its inception, this name is related to the precious stone.

Victor Hugo would later create the fictional character named Esmeralda for his novel Our Lady of Paris , also known as The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1831, which Disney would eventually adapt in 1996.

Diminutives and variations of the name Esmeralda

The diminutives of Esmeralda can be:

  • Esme
  • Esmi
  • Mary

Among the variations of the name Esmeralda are:

  • Esmaralda
  • Emerald
  • Emerald

The name Esmeralda in other languages

These are the most notable variations of the name Esmeralda in other languages:

  • French : Eméraude
  • Catalan : Emerald
  • Italian : Smeralda
  • Albanian : Smeraldi
  • Finnish : Smaragdi
  • Danish : Smaragd
  • Dutch : Emerald

Personality of the name Esmeralda

Women named Esmeralda are full of imagination and overflowing energy That makes them creative and dynamic people, who turn any situation into a moment of individual and collective inspiration. She is very imaginative and a dreamer, which is why she is passionate about her artistic professions as a writer, actress or dancer.

Despite influencing others in a positive way, Esmeralda is also often a pretentious woman with ideas based on her own pride . She is also a melancholic person, that she needs to feel safe in what she does and dedicate all her effort. That is why, in the professional field, Esmeralda will find her refuge. In addition, they are very lucky people in life.

In love, Esmeralda is passionate, intense and devoted . She will always give 100% of everything she has to offer, also to her friends and family. She is intuitive, fun and her company is always appreciated because that is synonymous with originality and guaranteed interesting plans.

Celebrities with the name Esmeralda

Esmeralda is an unusual name, even so, there are famous people named Esmeralda:

  • Esmeralda Pimentel : Mexican model recognized for being an actress in telenovelas such as Cachito de cielo .
  • Esmeralda Ugalde : Mexican singer who won a reality show in 2010.
  • Esmeralda Gudino – Mexican YouTube star who rose to fame for her beauty videos.
  • Esmeralda Moya : Spanish actress and model who appears in series such as Los Protegidos and La Verdad.

Emerald Saint’s Day

The day of the Saint of Esmeralda is celebrated on August 8 .

Numerology of the name Esmeralda

According to numerology, the number of the name Esmeralda is 33 . This number is associated with good luck.

Popularity of the first name Emerald

Currently, there are only 9,611 women named Esmeralda in Spain and the average age is 40 years. These figures mean that Esmeralda is a rare name in Spain, despite being more popular in other countries.

In the following map, we can see the provinces in which the name Esmeralda is most popular:

  • Teruel
  • Badajoz
  • Zamora
  • Toledo
  • Ávila
  • Salamanca