Meaning of The Name Eva | Know The Names Means and Origin

Eva is a female name known to all. Not only because it is an easy name to remember, short and pretty, but also because it is the first female name according to its biblical origin . We all know the story of Adam and Eve, in which she disobeys and ends up biting the apple of wisdom. This is Eva: brave and curious. In addition, the meaning of it is “the one who gives life” and comes from the Hebrew.

If you want to know the whole story behind the meaning of the name Eva , keep reading this paraBebés article where you will discover its origin, saints, variations, personality, numerology and popularity. It will surprise you! Eva is a girl’s name .

What does Eve mean?

The meaning of the name Eva is ” the one who gives life “, since its biblical origin places her as the first woman on earth. For this reason, another of its meanings is “source of life”.

Origin of the name Eva

The name Eva comes from havva and is of Hebrew origin . Its first appearance is in the Bible, since then it is a common and popular name that has lasted for centuries.

In Genesis, Eve is the first woman next to Adam and is known for biting the apple of wisdom.

Diminutives and variations of the name Eva

Being a short name, Eva does not have diminutives and what it does is lengthen like Evita.

Among the variations of the name Eva, the following stand out:

  • Evelyn
  • Evelina
  • evangeline
  • Evarist

The name Eva in other languages

The name Eva in English and French is known as Eve.

Personality of the name Eva

Women named Eva are independent and strong-willed . This makes them also be honest in their day to day life because they will always want the best for themselves and their loved ones. They put heart into everything they do and that drives them to achieve many of their personal goals.

Eva usually stands out for her sociability and joy . She always creates a good atmosphere wherever she goes: either at her work or with her friends. Also, her honesty always works in her favor. She has an innate facility to adapt to any situation and turn it into an opportunity, due to her ample self-confidence.

In turn, despite their independent character, people named Eva are affectionate and like to take care of others. They are committed and attentive in conversations. They also tend to stand out for taking great care of their external image , either for aesthetic pleasure or for wanting to present a positive image to the rest on each occasion.

Celebrities named Eva

Some of the most famous people with the name Eva are:

  • Eva Mendes – American actress and model of Cuban descent, star of the film Ghost Rider , among many others.
  • Eva Longoria – American actress who rose to fame starring in Desperate Housewives .
  • Eva Isanta : Spanish actress known for her roles as Bea in the series Here there is no one who lives and Maite in La que se avecina.
  • Eva Marie – Former professional wrestler, actress, and model who rose to fame in WWE.
  • Eva Green – French actress and model who plays Ava Lord in the film Sin City and appears in the Disney film Dumbo directed by Tim Burton.
  • Eva González : TV presenter and model, winner of the Miss Spain 2003 title.

Saint Eve’s Day

Eva’s saints are celebrated on December 19 .

Numerology Of The Name Eve

According to numerology, the number of the name Eva is 1 .

Popularity of the first name Eve

Currently, 79,928 womenthey are called Eva in Spain and the average age is 32.6 years.

If we look at the map below, we can see the provinces in which the name Eva is most popular:

  • Girona
  • Barcelona
  • Lleida
  • Ourense
  • Lugo
  • Pontevedra
  • Tarragona