Meaning of The Name Gibran | Numerology, Popularity and Origin

The name Gibran is a variant of the name Gabriel and is rare in Spain. If you want your baby to have a special, beautiful and unusual name among the population, Gibran is a very good option. If you want to know the name Gibran, in this article, you will find the meaning of the name Gibran , its origin, personality, saints and popularity. Gibran is a boy’s name .

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What does Gibran mean?

The name Gibran means ” the strong and brave of God “.

Origin of the name Gibran

The name Gibran comes from Arabic .

Diminutives and variations of the name Gibran

  • Gabriel
  • Gabri
  • Gabi

The name Gibran in other languages

  • Catalan: Biel
  • Italian: Gabrièlle
  • Russian: Gavril
  • Húngaro: Gábor
  • Basque: Gabirel
  • English: Gabriel

Personality of the name Gibran

Gibrán is a man who can seem unfriendly by his appearance , as he seems cold, stuffy, and a bit aloof. The reality is that he is nothing of what he appears to be, he is a distrustful person of those people he does not know, although with his circle of friends and family, Gibran is a charm : affectionate, friendly and with a great sense of humor.

At work, Gibrán maintains a cold face, since the ideal job for him is positions with great responsibilities. It is important to remain serious and firm in the face of pressure and business negotiations.

Celebrities with the name Gibran

  • Gibran Lajud: He is a professional soccer player who plays for the Mexican Club Tijuana as a goalkeeper.
  • Gibran Khalil: was a poet and painter of Arab origin. He is known for “The Prophet”.

Saint Gibran’s Day

According to the saints, Gibran’s Saint, a variation of the name Gabriel, is February 27 .

Numerology Of The Name Gibran

According to numerology, the number of the name Gibran is 33 , one of the master names!

Popularity of the first name Gibran

According to the National Institute of Statistics, there are less than 5 people in Spain named Gibrán.