Meaning of The Name Kristel | Numerology, Popularity and Origin

Kristel is a short and rarely used name. In Spain, less than 150 women have it. Although it is more common in other northern European countries. In this article, we tell you everything about this particular girl’s name. The meaning of the name Kristel will surprise you. Kristel is a girl’s name .

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What does Kristel mean?

The meaning of the name Kristel is announced . Although other sources assure that the meaning of Kristel is a follower of Christ.

Origin of the name Kristel

The origin of the name Kristel is English. She comes from the names Christina, Kristen and Chrystal.

Diminutives and variations of the name Kristel

Variants of the name Kristel are Christelle, Kristell, and Kristelle . Diminutives can be Kris and Tel.

The name Kristel in other languages

In English the name Kristel would be Chrystal and in Spanish it could be translated as Cristina .

Personality of the name Kristel

Kristel is responsible and rigorous . She is methodical and likes things well done. Many of her consider her a perfectionist and thorough. That makes you have a great advantage in jobs or tasks that require concentration and precision. Kristel will surely choose the hard sciences.

Kristel is a passionate person , who loses track of time when the activity she is doing motivates her. He is sensitive and attaches great importance to little things.

In her relationships with others, she is also observant, attentive and detailed , although sometimes very reserved. Because of her characteristics, Kristel usually has a small circle of friends. But she spends time and takes great care of those important to her.

Celebrities named Kristel

  • Kristel Sakay. Sakay is the Peruvian model that appears in the image.
  • Kristel Chuchuca. Born 1992, Kristel Chuchuca is an Ecuadorian actress and designer.
  • Kristel Castele. She was an actress during her childhood, however, the media has lost track of her.

Saint Kristel’s Day

The Saint of Kristel is celebrated on July 24 .

Numerology Of The Name Kristel

The number corresponding to the name Kristel is the number 4 .

Popularity of the first name Kristel

Kristel is a very original name, because according to the National Institute of Statistics, there are only 139 women in Spain with this name, whose average age is 26.8 years . Within the low popularity of the name Kristel is Esapaña, the province in which more women live with this name is Castellón . However, it is a more popular name in Northern European countries like Belgium.