Meaning of The Name Lila | Know The Names Means and Origin

Have you ever heard the name Lila? This beautiful color is also a short and very original female name for your baby. It is a rare name , since very few girls are called Lila in Spain, specifically there are only 516 with this name that is so beautiful to pronounce and that some believe that it derives from Camila. This name has various meanings and origins, plus his name 100% reflects an emotional and honest personality.

If you want to know everything about the meaning of the name Lila , as well as its saints, origin, variations, popularity, celebrities, personality… keep reading this paraBaby article because this may be the name you were looking for. Lila is a girl’s name .

What does Lilac mean?

The name Lila can have several meanings depending on its origin, but the most popular today is the one that refers to the night and means ” the one who was born at night “.

Another theory is that it refers to the flower of the plant that bears the same name, which is dark blue.

Origin of the name Lila

The origin of the name Lila may come from the Arabic lilak which in turn has its origin in Sanskrit , whose meaning is “dark blue”.

The Latinization of this Arabic name comes from the Hebrew , referring to the night and its current meaning.

Some theories suggest that Lila is a direct diminutive of Camila and, therefore, her saints are celebrated on the same day.

Diminutives and variants of the name Lila

Being a short name, Lila does not have diminutives.

Variants of the name Lila could be Leila or Lily .

The name Lila in other languages

This girl’s name is known for also being the name of the color Lilac, which in other languages ??is preserved in the same way or can be read as Lilac.

Personality of the name Lila

Women named Lila are sensitive and kind . The emotional nature of her is evident, which makes her a caring and affectionate person towards others. People with this name are unpredictable, they get carried away by their feelings in most life situations, even professional ones, and it mixes with their ambition.

Lila is passionate and impulsive , she enjoys doing what motivates her and letting herself be carried away by her impulses. She will always show enthusiasm in everything she does because she has high aspirations. In any case, this energy can sometimes lead to extremes such as hyperactivity or, on the contrary, passivity. Her emotional state will influence these cases.

The girls named Lila are good friends and honest . They are faithful to their own values ??and give very good advice to those who ask for it. Despite being good at listening to others, Lila will have a harder time finding a shoulder to trust because of her great ideals and constant changes.

Celebrities with the name Lila

Being a rare and young name, there are few celebrities that we know with this name:

  • Lila Downs – Mexican pop music artist who rose to fame with La Sandunga .
  • Lila McCann – American country music singer with her hit I wanna fall in love .

Lilac Saint’s Day

The saint’s day of Lila is celebrated on July 14 by Santa Camila.

Numerology of the name Lila

According to numerology, the number of the name Lila is 7 . This number signifies security, protection, and goodness.

Popularity of the first name Lila

The name Lila is new and unusual, which is why only 516 women are called Lila in Spain and their average age is around 20.8 years. This means that it is a short and rare name , an ideal option if you are looking for a different name for your baby.

The provinces where this name has been chosen the most are:

  • Lleida
  • Huesca
  • Barcelona
  • Balearic Islands
  • Girona