Meaning of The Name Lisette | Numerology, Popularity and Origin

The name Lissette is very pretty and very special because of its sound, as well as being an unpopular name in Spain. It has a Hebrew origin and is a variation of the French name Liza. If you want to know more about this name, in this article you will find the meaning of the name Lissette , its origin, personality, saints and popularity. Lissette is a girl’s name .

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What does Lisette mean?

The name Lissette means ” the promise of God “.

Origin of the name Lisette

The name Lissette has a Hebrew origin and comes from French , specifically from the name Liza, a variant of Elizabeth.

Diminutives and variations of the name Lissette

  • Lisa
  • Elizabeth
  • Liza
  • Lisette
  • Smooth

The name Lissette in other languages

The name Lissette has no translation into another language .

Personality of the name Lissette

The women called Lissette, as their sweet name indicates, are very flirtatious and very sweet women , they always like to be perfect. They love to be surrounded by their favorite friends and their family, whom they appreciate more than they can, in general, they are very sociable.

He ca n’t stand gossip or people who want to gossip and criticize others, he doesn’t trust them, because if they gossip with them, they sure do with others. She is a woman who radiates happiness and luminosity , she does not want nor will she allow anyone to try to lead her astray, she is not an impressionable woman.

On the other hand, Lissette is very smart and very sure of herself , she has everything. At school and at work she is an excellent and hard-working woman. She does not like to be distracted by topics that are not related to work and therefore lose minutes of the day to work, she needs to be up to date.

In love, Lissette is still not very sure who will be the love of her life, she is looking forward to starting a small family.

Celebrities named Lissette

  • Lisette Morelos: She is a Mexican actress who appears in television programs such as “a path to destiny”.
  • Lisette Oropesa: is a soprano opera singer who has a wide repertoire of works by Mozart, Donizetti and Haendel, among others.
  • Lisette Álvarez: is a Peruvian singer, songwriter and actress.

Saint Lissette’s Day

According to the saints, Lissette’s Saint is December 5, Saint Elisa.

Numerology Of The Name Lisette

According to numerology the number of the name Lissette is 1 .

Popularity of the first name Lisette

There are 167 women in Spain named Lissette and the average age is 30.4 years . If we look at the map below, we can see that the provinces in which the name Lissette is most popular are: The Canary Islands, Madrid and Barcelona.