Meaning of The Name Maria | Numerology, Popularity and Origin

María is a very popular name in Spain and it is a classic that never goes out of style. On the other hand, she is clearly a religious name, since she was the mother of Jesus Christ. If you want your baby to have a religious and very popular name in Spain, in this article, you will find the meaning of the name María , its origin, personality, saints and popularity. Maria is a girl’s name .

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What does Maria mean?

The name Maria means ” the chosen one of God “. Other meanings that can be given to the name Mary are “the mother of God” or “the beloved of the Lord”.

Origin of the name Maria

The name Mary originates from Hebrew and we can find it in the Bible, since she was the mother of Jesus. It has a clearly religious origin and is a very classic name.

Diminutives and variations of the name Maria

  • Big
  • Mar
  • ladybug

The name Maria in other languages

  • Italiano: Marietta
  • Norwegian: Mari
  • English: Mary
  • Ruso: Masha
  • Galician: Maruxa
  • Hawaiian: Malia

Personality of the name Maria

María is a brave woman, sure of herself and who is clear about the course of her life. Thanks to her ability to adapt to any situation, she has a wide circle of friends that she will support in bad times. She has friends from college and work but, above all, she cherishes her old friends from her town.

If we look at her character, she is generally nice, personable and has a great sense of humor. If Maria doesn’t like you or she’s simply angry, she’s direct and honest.

Maria has a busy life filled with work, exciting plans, and quiet times to read, watch movies, and relax. She has so many things to do that sometimes she doesn’t have time to meet those people she really misses.

In relation to her love life, María is a woman who at times wants to be in a relationship and who, at times, wants to have sporadic relationships.

Celebrities named Maria

  • Maria Callas: She was an opera singer.
  • María Pedraza: is a Spanish actress who appears in the series “La Casa de Papel” as Alison Parker.
  • María Pombo: is a young Spanish woman famous for being an instagramer and sharing her lifestyle with her 1.2 million followers.
  • María Villalón: is a Spanish singer and winner of the first version of “The X Factor of 2007”.

Saint Mary’s Day

The Holy of Mary is August 15 .

Numerology of the name Maria

According to numerology, the number of the name Maria is 6 .

Popularity of the first name Maria

There are 606,048 women in Spain named María and the average age is 48.6 years .