Meaning of The Name Marina | Know The Names Means and Origin

As this pretty woman’s name indicates, its meaning is related to the sea . Marina is a popular name in Spain, specifically 96,834 women are called that. It comes from Latin and has a lot of history behind it. Women with this name are charismatic, with a lot of energy and character. They like to feel appreciated, free and away from routine.

If you want to know more about the meaning of the name Marina , keep reading this azithromycin article where you will learn all the details about her origin, personality, saints, popularity and other curiosities. Marina is a girl’s name .

what does marine mean

The name Marina means ” born in the sea “. Other meaning that she attributes is “woman who loves the sea”.

Origin of the name Marine

The name Marina is of Latin origin and derives from the word marius , a Latin name that was used to name people who came from the sea.

Diminutives and variations of the name Marina

Some diminutives of the name Marina are:

  • Mar
  • Ina
  • Big

The name Marina has the variation Marine.

The name Marina in other languages

This is the name Marina in other languages:

  • Galician : Navy
  • French and German : Marine
  • Portuguese : Navy
  • Griego : marine
  • Croatian : Morski

Personality of the name Marina

Women named Marina are intelligent and sociable . They stand out for being charismatic, independent and responsible. They adapt to all situations with speed and cunning. They are easy to make friends because they love to talk and show their friendliest side. No Marina is serious, they all have a contagious laugh and want to have a good time.

In love, he has a slightly dominant side , he likes to take charge and feel important. Marina needs the other person to give her 100% to know if she is worth it. She also has an emotional and sensitive side that she has a hard time showing due to her outgoing nature, but when they do, they show the trust and sensitivity shared with the lucky person.

Marina usually has a character similar to the sea: unpredictable and with ups and downs . One day it’s fine and another day it’s not. You need understanding, patience, and support to understand your changing emotional states. She constantly needs details and care to feel cared for and, especially, not to fall into the routine that overwhelms her so much.

Famous with the name Marina

Among the famous Marina calls, the following stand out:

  • Marina Valdés : Spanish television journalist that we can currently see on LaSexta. (appears in the image)
  • Marina Salas : Spanish actress we know for roles in series like Hache or in movies like Tres metros sobre el cielo .
  • Marina Abramovic : Serbian interpretive artist, very popular and specialized in performances.
  • Marina Orta : Young Spanish actress who appears in Las Chicas del Cable and in Amar es para siempre .
  • Marina Diamandis – Welsh pop singer and songwriter known by her name Marina and The Diamonds.

Marine Saint’s Day

The saints of Marina are celebrated on June 18 , the day of Santa Marina.

Numerology of the name Marina

According to numerology, the number of the name Marina is 11 , one of the master numbers that symbolizes strength and energy.

Popularity of the first name Marina

Currently, there are 96,834 women named Marina in Spain according to the INE, this shows that it is a fairly popular feminine name. Marina’s average age is 32.5 years.

In the following map, we will know the provinces in which the name Marina is more frequent:

  • Balearic Islands
  • Ourense
  • Málaga
  • Cantabria
  • Girona
  • Pontevedra
  • Córdoba