Meaning of The Name Maximus | What Does Mean? Origin?

The name Máximo is a name of Latin origin and means “he who is great”. It is an unpopular option in Spain, since there are 9,806 men named like that. If we look at his personality, we can deduce that Máximo is a man of strong character and very determined.

If you want to know more about Máximo, in this article, you will find the meaning of the name Máximo , its origin, personality, saints and popularity. Maximus is a boy’s name .

What does maximum mean?

Maximo’s name means “he who is great” .

Origin of the name Maximus

The name Máximo has a Latin origin and comes from the term “maximus”, which means “the maximum”. It was a very popular name in the Roman Empire and it used to be given to the firstborn of the family.

Diminutives and variations of the name Máximo

  • Maxi
  • Maxim
  • Maximum

The name Maximus in other languages

  • Romano: Maximus
  • Belarusian: Maxim
  • French: Maxime
  • Italian: Massimo
  • Catalan: Maxim
  • In Polish: Maksym
  • Ukrainian: Maks

Personality of the name Maximo

The men called Máximo are men of strong character , although at the same time somewhat shy. In situations that they do not control, they do not usually bring out their strongest side, since they prefer to go unnoticed and not attract attention. On the other hand, when they are within their comfort zone, they can become demanding and somewhat authoritarian.

If we look at personal relationships, Máximo wants to find love. He wants to be able to share his life with another person, although, at the moment, he doesn’t seem to have found his better half. In order to establish a relationship with solid foundations, he must first of all focus on solving those personal insecurities.

At work, Máximo is a good signing, since he is a worker who works hard for his passion. He is a responsible and very efficient person. His great passion is architecture and the world of construction.

Celebrities named Maximus

  • Máximo Pradera: is a screenwriter, journalist and presenter of Spanish television and radio. He is mainly known as a co-host of the program Lo + plus.
  • Massimo Dutti: is a popular textile company that belongs to the Inditex group.
  • Máximo Valverde: is a Spanish film, television and theater actor.

Saint of Maximus Day

According to the saints, the Saint of the Maximum name is January 8.

Numerology of the name Maximus

According to numerology, the number of the name Maximo is 11. The number 11 is synonymous with a person with energy, determination and a lot of strength.

Popularity of the first name Maximus

There are 9,806 men in Spain called Máximo and the average age is 54.6 years . If we look at the map below, we can see that the provinces in which the name Máximo is most popular are: Cáceres, Ávila, Burgos, Palencia and Burgos.

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