Meaning of The Name Rose | Know The Names Means and Origin

Many fathers and mothers look for names for their daughter with a beautiful meaning, that is related to flowers or colors . Rosa is a girl’s name that unites the two options and, therefore, is one of the most popular throughout history. It is a short name but with a lot of strength and meaning, and that is why it is one of the favorites of many parents.

If you want to know the meaning of the name Rosa , in addition to its origin, personality, diminutives and saints, don’t miss this paraBaby article where you will learn all the details that make up this very special name. Rose is a girl’s name .

what does rose mean

The meaning of the name Rosa is ” rose flower “, since it comes from the same word as this flower.

There are also other similar meanings, such as “full of flowers” or “one that is beautiful as a rosebush”.

Origin of the name Rose

The origin of the name Rosa derives from the Latin “ródja”, a word that refers to the flower of the rosebush.

In turn, this Latin word comes from the ancient Greek “?????” (rhodon), and is related to the Island of Rhodes, located in the Aegean Sea. This island was famous for its rosebushes, which would explain the origin of this word.

Diminutives and variations of the name Rosa

Some diminutives of the name Rosa are:

  • Ro
  • Ros
  • Rosi
  • Rosita

Among the variations of the name Rosa, the following stand out:

  • Rosalía
  • Beautiful rose
  • Rosana
  • Romilda
  • Rosalba

The name Rosa in other languages

Although the name Rosa remains the same in most languages, due to its Latin origin, it also has the following variants:

  • English : Rose
  • French : Rose
  • Japonés : Bara
  • Italian : Rosetta, Rosina

Personality of the name Rosa

Women named Rosa are kind and mysterious . They stand out for their cordiality and charm at first glance, although they are also naive and that will make them protect themselves with an air of mystery and distance, just like roses.

In addition to having a special beauty, her mind is always active to achieve everything she sets out to do. Especially, Rosa adapts very well in group work environments, where she can collectively help build a team feeling and bring out the best in each person, bringing freshness and good ideas.

People named Rosa are detailed and attentive in their relationships. A partner can become Rosa’s fundamental support in difficult times, although she also has that of her family and her friends. Those who know her know that she expresses herself best in private, where she does not seek the constant approval of others.

Celebrities with the name Rosa

Among the famous with the name Rosa, the following stand out:

  • Rosa López : singer known as Rosa de España, who won the first edition of Operación Triunfo.
  • Rosa María Mateo : well-known journalist and news presenter, currently president of RTVE.
  • Rosa Salazar : American actress, of Peruvian descent, star of the film Alita: Battle Angel . (Appears in the following image)

Rose Saint’s Day

The saint’s day of Rosa is celebrated on August 23 , for the festivity of Santa Rosa de Lima.

Numerology of the name Rose

According to numerology, the number of the name Rosa is 8 .

Popularity of the first name Rose

Currently, there are 104,025 women named Rosa in Spain and the average age is 64.8 years. If we look at the map below, we can see the provinces in which the name Rosa is most popular:

  • Ourense
  • Lleida
  • Castellón
  • Girona
  • Tarragona
  • Pontevedra
  • Barcelona