Meaning of The Name Sandra | Know The Names Means and Origin

Without a doubt, Sandra has been one of the most popular female names for years because of its beautiful pronunciation and meaning. This girl’s name comes directly from Alessandra, the Italian variant of the Greek name Alejandra. And, as her name indicates, people named like that are fighters, determined and tenacious.

If you want to know more about the meaning of the name Sandra , keep reading this article that we have prepared for you at paraBaby. Whether you want to put your daughter Sandra or if it is your name, you will be able to discover her origin, diminutives, personality, saint’s day and even famous people with this name. You’ll love it! Sandra is a girl’s name .

What does Sandra mean?

Sandra is short for Alessandra and means ” the protector “.

In other words, Sandra is also attributed the meaning “she who drives enemies away”.

Origin of the name Sandra

Sandra is the Italian variant of the name Alejandra (?????????), which is of Greek origin . The word alexios means protector and andros means man, therefore, hence its meaning of protector of man.

Of the hypocoristics that come from Alejandra, Sandra is probably the most popular and known to all.

Diminutives and variations of the name Sandra

Some diminutives of the name Sandra are:

  • San
  • Sandy
  • Sandrita
  • Sandrine

Among the variations of the name Sandra, the following stand out:

  • Alessandra
  • Alessa
  • Alessia
  • Alejandra
  • Alexandra
  • Alexa

The name Sandra in other languages

Being a hypocoristic of Alessandra, this name does not vary in most languages ??such as Spanish, Italian or French. The only thing that changes is Sandra ‘s pronunciation and the use of diminutives.

For example, in England it is more common for Sandra to be Sandy and in France Sandrine is preferred .

Personality of the name Sandra

As her name says, Sandra is a fighter and tenacious person . Throughout her life, she will face all the challenges that come her way with determination and strength. For that reason, she is a person who constantly sets goals and always tries to surpass herself. She is an example that everything can be achieved with confidence.

In turn, Sandra is very protective of her own. She is realistic, generous and has a lot of her own personality. She usually conquers everyone with her charisma and security. She although she is also an emotional and detailed person. Women named Sandra always bring a smile back to life, no matter how difficult she gets and lacks enough support.

Also, Sandra is a talkative and close woman . Therefore, she is fun and she will always openly tell about her adventures, whatever the field they are. For example, in her work environment, Sandra will love working with people, she likes to feel loved and she will always have the opportunity to be hired wherever she wants due to her demands and discipline.

Celebrities with the name Sandra

Among the celebrities with the name Sandra, they stand out:

  • Sandra Bullock – American film and television actress and producer with an Academy Award.
  • Sandra Oh – Canadian actress of South Korean descent who stars in Killing Eve and Grey’s Anatomy .
  • Sandra Golpe : presenter and director of the Antena 3 newscast.
  • Sandra Barneda – Spanish journalist, TV show host, and writer.
  • Sandra Sabatés : Spanish journalist and writer, TV presenter on El Intermedio .

Saint Sandra’s Day

Sandra’s saint’s day is celebrated on March 20 .

Numerology Of The Name Sandra

According to numerology, the number of the name Sandra is 3 .

Popularity of the first name Sandra

Currently, there are 97,642 women named Sandra in Spain and the average age is 29.1 years. Sandra became a very popular name from the 70s and became a trend between the 80s and 90s. However, in recent decades it has lost popularity.

If we look at the map below, we can see the provinces in which the name Sandra is most popular:

  • Barcelona
  • Burgos
  • Valencia
  • Segovia
  • Toledo
  • Girona