Meet the 10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Snobbish, Selfish & Incompatible

While some celebs try to boast of being humble and a bit submissive, there are others who don’t care. Of course, some celebrities are good people, but most of them are proud and arrogant. These are the ones who are quite tough, stubborn, selfish and snobbish, behaving like immortal gods while every other human exists to them just as ordinary humans. If you dare to approach this type of celebrity in the driveway, he or she will not hesitate to catch a glimpse of you. For them they have reached the highest point and would never see a turn in their tables or so they think anyway. Such celebrities don’t care if they lose their fans or talk to other celebrities. However, you know that they really have established themselves in the industry and therefore don’t care what anyone thinks of them. And who are these celebrities? They are listed below10 Most Snobbish Kenyan Celebrities!

1. Caroline Mutoko

Recently, Caroline boldly warned the world that no one should ever call her “Caro.” Whoever you are, you should call her by her double nouns – Caroline Mutoko. She can be that tough. You could call her harsh and straight forward, but she’s only an expert at getting angry. Her image reflects outbursts and collapses. She’s a no-nonsense lady and just doesn’t take nonsense from ordinary people. Caroline is stern and tough to talk to, and even talking to her makes you feel really intimidated.

Octopizzo is a tough and strict guy you can’t just mess with. He’s rumored to turn down shows all the time, especially when it’s not based on his terms. So what more? Almost 90% of hip-hop artists in the country don’t like hearing his name because they just don’t like his personality. They all think he’s gotten too arrogant and selfish after he broke out and dressed in shiny dresses and brightly colored sneakers.

3. Larry Madowo

Did you know that just a week before Valentine’s Day, Ghafla’s Sue Watiri decided to write an article about which different Kenyan celebrities would be enjoying themselves on the overhyped day of love? She was really excited and with a mixture of happiness and excitement she called Larry Madowo for answers but got the biggest shock of her life. Before she could cough up a word, Larry yelled right through her ears that he’s not a celebrity and he’s busy too. In Larry’s voice, “I’m not a celebrity. I’m busy too. Have a nice day.” Then he hung up. She couldn’t help but blush as she stared at her phone in shock. Isn’t this just embarrassment and disregard for ordinary people?

4. Robert Alai

Robert Alai is the guy who dealt with a city council askari hard some time ago. He has been to various events alone a number of times including Gor Mahia games. You could call him “The Lone Blogger” who probably thinks he’d lose strength and typing skills if anyone got closer to him, or he thinks the CIA wants to seize and ruin his career, or he’s always collecting, what to write at every opportunity he visits.

5. Huddah Monroe

Despite the fact that Huddah is a socialite, she’s not very social. She has declined several interviews from well-known and well-known bloggers and writers in Kenya on different occasions. She does so without even thinking that some of these bloggers are highly responsible for boosting their celebrity status. When some of these writers or bloggers try to get close to her, the state she gives off is somewhat intolerable and utterly absurd. One they wouldn’t meet or can’t take. Although when it comes to Miss Njoroge (Huddah), Team Thirsty speaks nothing but praise, many who have attempted to converse with her say the complete opposite.

6. Njoki Chege

She is rumored to be hiding from fans, and if she were allowed to walk with a mask, she would do just that. Could it be that she is shy or is she doing it with the utmost intention of keeping the fans at bay? She is known to be notorious for preaching, which she never practices, but that part about chasing ordinary people who are very far from her is just my concern.

7. Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu seems to be one of the most beautiful creatures that will ever walk the earth, but based on sources, this baby is mean. She was once accused of entering an interview stage an hour late, yet urged her interviewers to make it very scathing that she’s too busy to waste an extra minute. The news anchor said she could not devote more than 10 minutes to the interview after her interviewers waited an hour. Now that’s no small disregard for the regular interviewer, so to speak.

8. Price

He’s always seen as one of the meanest rappers ever! On various occasions, many have complained that his personality screams rudeness and arrogance. Prezzo, who always acts immortal, untouchable and imperious, is full of himself. Long story short, nobody loves Prezzo more than Prezzo himself. Even his CMB entourage showed he was incompatible and utterly awkward to deal with.

9. Sharon Mundia

Well, she might seem humble and quiet in photos, but it’s all a front. It’s just one of the many ways images can make you appear. Sharon personally is very different from what her pictures make her look like. Based on the sources close to her, it seems like every time men approach her, she calls security just because she doesn’t have the number.

10. Joy Own

The actress/fashion designer has a run of meanness in her element. A good number of people who have been victims of her behavior claim that she is a celebrity who thinks of herself higher than she really is.