Mercedes-Benz Citan 2022, with fully electric variant

The new Mercedes Citan stands out for its safety, up to 7 standard airbags and its updated driving aid system. With larger dimensions, you can expand your cargo in this compact van.

The second generation of the Mercedes Citan compact van arrives with van and tourer variants (for the transport of people), already with gasoline and diesel engines and also with a fully electric variant (e-citan). Know more about Saab ne shitje.

It shares the platform of the Renault Kangoo, enhancing its origin from the German brand through significant reinforcements in safety, design and connectivity .

The new Mercedes Citan is now offered with a short wheelbase of 2.72 m , reaching a total length of 4.50 m , with which it has grown 18 cm in length, which provides a greater load capacity to the van variant ( 3 .05 m loading length with flexible partition panel). It can load two Euro pallets to cover 2.9 m 3 with a payload of up to 782 kg, expandable up to 1.5 tonnes by coupling a trailer. Long wheelbase variants or the Citan Mixed will be offered in the near future.

It also facilitates loading and unloading in narrow places with its 2 sliding side doors that open 615 mm, in addition to its 2 asymmetric rear doors that open 180º with a ground clearance of 59 cm.

It can be equipped with a fixed separating panel (with or without a window) or with a flexible grid to extend the loading length if necessary. It is available in “Base” and “Pro” finishes.

mercedes touring interior

The interior of the new Citan is probably the biggest novelty of this intervention, inheriting the dashboard of the range of Mercedes passenger cars , with a modern and very elegant design.

This dashboard is dominated by four turbine-style air vents and a large 7” floating touch screen that houses the Mercedes NBUX infotainment system , managed by voice (Hey Mercedes!).

The instrument panel is analog with two clocks and a central color screen, it has a multifunction steering wheel and incorporates ” Touch Control ” in its buttons.

Digital services such as “ Mercedes me Connect ” (real-time navigation, vehicle status, etc.) are applicable to the Citan, and connectivity is also compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Comfort has also been clearly improved, both in terms of occupant well-being and safety, with equipment such as dual-zone climate control, keyless ignition and electric parking brake.

Gasoline, diesel and electric propellants

Two gasoline engines, three diesel engines and an electric version are offered , all being 4-cylinder combustion engines (Euro 6d) and with stop/start ECO function.

The breakdown of heat engines is as follows:

  • Gasoline : 1.33 engine (well known) in 102 or 131 hp
  • Diesel : 5 CDI engine with 75, 95 and 116 hp (the 116 hp with “Overpower” that provides 121 hp briefly for overtaking)

All engines have a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard, although the most powerful engines will have a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

In terms of consumption, in the van variants they range between 5 and 7.2 litres/100 km and CO2 emissions between 131 and 162 g/km , being somewhat higher in the Tourer bodies.

This will be the last Citan to be launched from Mercedes with thermal engines, as Mercedes anticipates that all future commercial vehicle developments will henceforth be electric .

The big news is the fully electric eCitan variant that is also available in various body styles, with a maximum power of 102 hp (75 kW), a maximum torque of 245 Nm from the start and with a lithium-ion battery (located under the floor without subtracting load capacity) of 44 kW/h capacity to provide a range of 285 km with a full charge .

This variant incorporates 2 driving modes : ECO , which optimizes autonomy and Comfort , which allows normal driving, with 3 levels of energy recovery (D-, D, D+).

The charge is quite fast, being able to go from 10% to 80% in 40 minutes, with a fast charge of up to 75 kW/h.

Guaranteed comfort and safety

The new Citan ensures a comfortable, safe and precise behavior both loaded and empty, since vibrations have been minimized, as well as rolling noise in the passenger compartment and in the loading area, thanks to the intervention in the axles, shock absorbers and springs.

The low aerodynamic noise is well achieved, which also improves comfort, in addition to better insulation, thicker glass and the second level of sealing that has been used in the doors.

A very careful value in the new Citan is safety , with a very stable structure, up to 7 airbags as standard and with modern driving assistance systems ( hill start, side wind assistant, emergency call, fatigue warning, etc.).

On the other hand, the steering is electrically assisted , with greatly improved maneuverability and precision and high-level stability.

The emergency brake servo is another novel content of the new Mercedes Citan, with active braking assistant , lane change detector , blind spot control , signal detection , speed limiter , in addition to multiple other driving assistants with their radars, ultrasound and cameras.

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Prices and summary technical sheet

Orders for the new Mercedes Citan began last September 2021 and the first deliveries through Spanish dealers have already begun , although the fully electric eCitan version will be available from the second half of 2022 .

The official prices of the Mercedes Citan 2022 so far available are the following (including VAT and transport):

Prices of the new Mercedes Citan Tourer 2022 :

VersionPrice (professionals)Price (individuals)

 Prices Mercedes Citan Van 2022:

VersionFinal price
108 CDI€22,520
112 CDI€24,456

Summary technical sheet

width (mm)
GVW/payload (kg)PlazasDoors
Citan Van





  • Optional sliding door(s) to cargo space
  • Optional side window(s)
  • Rear door divided into two sections as standard; optionally with rear window
  • Tailgate with optional rear window
Citan Tourer
  • Serial:
  •  Right and left sliding door
  • panoramic glass
  • Tailgate with rear window
  • Sliding doors with deflector windows and, optionally, with electric windows
  • Optionally:
  • Split rear doors with rear window

Citan range engines:

Citan Van108 CDI110CDI112 CDI110113
cylinders4 online
maximum torqueNm230260270200240
Acceleration 0-100km/hsec18.013.811.714.312.0
Maximum speedkm/h152164175168183