Mozarabic Way of Santiago from Córdoba

The Mozarabic Way to Santiago links Mediterranean and eastern Andalusia with the Vía de la Plata and the famous Camino de Santiago . On this occasion we will show you the path that begins in the beautiful city of Córdoba.

The Mozarabic Way of Santiago

This route is one of the oldest on the Camino de Santiago as it has been used by faithful Christians from the southern kingdoms to reach the apostle Santiago. It is made up of several optional routes that depart from the main cities of Andalusia. Almería, Jaén, Málaga and Granada are some of them. All these routes lead to a single one located in Córdoba that ends in the city of Mérida . It is then, where we can see how it connects with the Vía de la Plata .

All these routes run through land enriched by native vegetation such as the extensive fields of wheat, grapes and olive groves. We will be able to appreciate the magnificent landscape phenomena such as the Cordillera Subbética from Córdoba, the Sierra Sur de Jaén, El Torcal from Málaga, Sierra Nevada or the Guadix and Vega de Granada basins.

Route from Cordoba

The Camino Mozárabe Andaluz that starts from Córdoba is made up of nine stages and has a total of 248.29 kilometers . This route leaves from the center of the old quarter of the city of Cordoba , declared a World Heritage Site, and ends in the city of Mérida , specifically at the Hermitage of La Antigua .

Along the route we will travel through time to medieval times, as we will see the layout of the Roman roads as we pass. The one that runs between Córdoba and Mérida is El Vacar, an old road that reached Lusitania.

If we decide to follow this path, we will soak up medieval history. In addition, along the way we will pass through few road routes, without having to worry about traffic, unlike other routes. It is an ideal hiking route to do with children thanks to the ease of the terrain.

Last stage

One of its easiest stages is the last one, the one that goes from San Pedro de Mérida to Mérida . Easy stage of 16 km in length that can be done by older children or those who are used to hiking. Its only noteworthy difficulty is the distance and that part of the route runs along the service track of the motorway , so extreme precautions must be taken when going with children.

The starting point is the town of San Pedro de Mérida and its Civil Guard barracks . At first, follow the highway service track that reaches Trujillanos (about 7 km from the starting point). Along this section we will see the immense meadows of oaks, typical of the vegetation of the territory.

Once we arrive in Trujillanos, it is time to enter the streets of this town to walk to the 16th century parish of the Santísima Trinidad . After passing the town, take the highway track again, but this time for a short time, since a few meters away you take a path to the left that runs between fields and olive groves. The trail reaches the Mérida industrial estate and from there to the city itself.

what can we visit

In Trujillanos we find the parish church of the Santísima Trinidad of great importance for the town and the Natural Park of Cornalvo . Within this park there is a Roman dam and great vegetation of Mediterranean forest.

Once we are at our destination, we can visit the Hermitage of Our Lady of La Antigua located in Plaza Díaz Ambrona. Along Santa Eulalia street we will see the basilica of Visigothic origin with the same name. After this we will arrive at the Roman bridge from where the famous Vía de la Plata begins in the direction of Cáceres. Another option is to take Avenida Reina Sofía until you reach the wonderful Roman architectural monument made up of the amphitheater, the circus, the museum and the theater .


It is advisable to go with sports shoes, comfortable and reflective or flashy clothing so that cars can see the traveler easily. In summer, it is advisable to avoid the central hours of the day since there are not many shadows on the road.