Obtaining a visa for Israel for Russians

Do Russians need a visa for Israel in 2019, what should be taken into account to get it? What kind of visa is required to study and is it required for family members of a student-apprentice? You need to find out about this.

Important! For almost a decade, the vast majority of Russian citizens have not needed a permit to travel to Israel.

This tourist destination is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. Therefore, the decision of the Israeli authorities to abolish the visa regime became quite logical. This country has joined the list of Russian citizens. Know more about Kolasin.

For guests from Russia who meet the necessary conditions:

  • stay in the Promised Land for up to 90 days;
  • purposes: business trip, tourism, treatment, family contacts;
  • you cannot work and make a profit;

visa-free conditions apply. When you go to the country to study or work, you have to go to the Israeli embassy with the whole package of documents to issue the appropriate permit certificate.

A visa for Israel is also required for holders of diplomatic passports.

No visa is required to enter Israel. But not everything is easy and simple.

The border guard will carefully inspect your documents at the checkpoint.

  1. Let’s go by the passport. He is most interested. The main thing is its period of validity, which should be more than six months.
  2. Return ticket with a “closed” date, the day of departure, which will take place from the airport of arrival: Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv or Israel International Airport in Eilat. And you don’t have to worry about the type of ticket itself. An ordinary map and its electronic print are equally suitable.
  3. must be valid all the time while visiting the country.
  4. Document on renting an apartment or It will be completely replaced by a tourist voucher.
  5. Solvency certificate – bank statement, cash (required for the tour). An invitation received from a relative or clinic, issued strictly according to regulations, indicates information about the invitation and the invited, financial support and period of stay in Israel.

If the border guard has no questions, you will receive a stamp on the visa card free of charge.

Special mention should be made of the seal.

Important! The passport will not be marked with a visit to Israel. You will receive a special paper ID with your photo. It also serves as a migration card. We’ll have to keep it until the end of the trip. You can ask him at the hotel. Without it, he may not rent a car.

If you cross the border at one of the land border crossings, a stamp is affixed. If there is no desire to see this mark in the passport, border guards can go ahead. They are aware that this label threatens to deny visas when entering some Muslim countries, for example, in.

If you have children with you

Do not forget the child’s birth certificate and consent for the export of the other parent, certified by a notary.

When a minor travels with another relative or, for example, a coach, copies of mom and dad’s passports and their consent are required.

Border inspection

Here you have to be prepared for surprises. Everyone at the entrance and exit is inspected with special care. Some even call such control difficult. This is especially true for departure, when control is carried out by the security services of the airline.

It all starts with an official interrogation, called an interview, and ends (on departure) with a detailed baggage check.

The conversation takes place in the presence of the whole family. If the employee speaks Russian, communicate in your native language.

If you are not, and you are not strong in English, you can get a card with all the questions in Russian:

  • purpose of visit;
  • about where you are going;
  • about your marital status;
  • about the presence of relatives or friends – who you are for the citizens of Israel;
  • on nationality (Are you Jewish?);
  • who packed his luggage.

It is very important that you respond calmly, without nervousness and long thinking. And to the last question (it will surely be asked on departure), the answer should be unequivocal: they personally packed it and did not drop it for a minute to the airport. Otherwise, you risk showing the contents of your suitcases to others.

Constant questions are raised by the passengers themselves, and more often by girls.

Border guards are often interested in your computer equipment. You may even be asked for passwords to verify private correspondence. It has to do with terrorist threats. If you disagree, entry will be denied.

If you want to stay

You have three months to be free and legal in this country. But for various reasons it may be necessary to extend your stay, for example, if you are ill.

If there is a sufficient reason to extend the visa, it is necessary to contact the Ministry of Interior (in person), with photos, passport, written explanation of the extension and personal explanations of the reasons, proof of financial capacity. You can also fill out the official form here.

If we are talking about continuing treatment at the clinic, you will need confirmation from there. It will cost you 175 shekels, this is the cost of renovation.

The easiest way to extend a tourist visa is if your relatives are Israeli.

The renewal period can be from 180 days to a year.

If the period of stay is violated

The authorities in the country strictly follow that and do not welcome it. You have to have good reasons for that. Until a few days of violations related to transportation or health problems, the attitude may be loyal.

Otherwise the data will end up in the database, and it is very doubtful that your subsequent visits will be possible.

Important! For a more serious offense, you face deportation and a ban on entry for up to 10 years.

Why can you be prevented from visiting the country?

It turns out that it is possible.

  • During previous visits, the guest violated the law (unauthorized commercial activities, exceeded the period of stay, was deported).
  • There are suspicions that the guest intends to work illegally or stay.
  • The foreigner could not pass the inspection, he was caught trying to smuggle prohibited items, he answered incomprehensible questions, he did not submit the necessary documents.
  • The guest is insolvent.
  • The tourist was “highlighted” in the database that he was violating the immigration regime.
  • He just doesn’t like a person’s behavior or his appearance.

Any of the above circumstances may serve as a reason for refusing a residence permit in Israel.

About other visas

There are circumstances when a visa is required for Israel. We will talk about who needs a visa, how and when to get one. Visas for Israel are issued at the Embassy in Moscow, where you will find out how much a visa for Israel costs.

Adherents of all religions aspire to this holy land. There are many Russians among them.

All guests can be distinguished as:

  • pilgrims wishing to touch the shrines; priests who dream of one day standing on ancient stones:
  • representatives of the clergy who come to the service.

If the first category is related to ordinary tourists, it does not need a permit and works without a visa. Others have no right to enter the country without him. The permit is issued only at the invitation of a religious institution, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

After receiving the sanction of the ministry, when the deadlines are set and the necessary documents are submitted:

  • visa application form for Israel;
  • international passport;
  • photo 2 pcs .;
  • a document confirming payment of the consular fee, at a cost of $ 47;

the applicant obtains a visa on hand directly at the Israeli consulate in the Russian Federation. It can only be extended in Israel.


You can get a decent education in the Promised Land. Young people usually come here for degrees. How to get a visa for Israel for schooling? That is possible.

You provide the consulate with a standard set of documents, which supplement it:

  • notification of the educational institution on enrollment;
  • certificate of financial capacity during study and residence;
  • for minors – consent of mom and dad.

The passport must remain valid for at least one year. The permit is issued for one year, and you can cross the border several times. Work is considered a misdemeanor, with consequences.

Obtaining a visa for Israel is possible for a spouse, children receiving a religious or student visa, as well as Israelis. The same set of paperwork and additional proof of kinship (marriage or birth certificate) is required.

Important! A guest visa for Israel has been abolished with the introduction of visa-free entry for Russian citizens.

How much does a visa cost, it is better to find out directly at the embassy.

A visa is required for Jerusalem. Additional border control is carried out to visit this city.

About features

They are related to the situation in certain regions of the country. Do you want to avoid unnecessary anxiety?

Follow simple rules:

  • There are areas in the area that are closed to the public. Don’t rush there if life is dear;
  • get acquainted with customs regulations in advance;
  • the visa stamp of the Arab country in the passport will not interfere with entry;
  • don’t make fun of control, don’t worry and don’t make fun of yourself. Answer questions calmly and clearly.

When the number of days spent at this place exceeds the established limit, it is allowed to extend.

In other cases, obtaining an Israeli visa is a prerequisite for staying.

And Israel is very loyal to Russia. This is not hindered by the differences in foreign policy that exist between countries.

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