Marvel’s Avengers allows you to buy experience boost in this era


Marvel’s Avengers allows you to buy experience boost in this era

Marvel’s Avengers has updated its in-game store with a new item that allows us to multiply the experience we get by defeating enemies or overcoming certain challenges. These new consumables can only be purchased with real money, so they can lead to disadvantages among players. The community has not taken this decision well and has reminded Square Enix that in its day it promised that Marvel’s Avengers micropayments would only be for aesthetic elements.

After the arrival of these new items to the game store, the Marvel’s Avengers community has expressed its anger in spaces such as Reddit, where we can read such blunt proclamations as “I will no longer support this game” from a user who assures that he will not you will buy more in-game currency and just play for free. Other fans have wanted to go further by providing evidence that the company had promised not to include items like these; This is the case of the E3 2019 conference in which we were able to see the first trailer of the game and in which it was said that there would be “neither loot boxes nor random pay-to-win scenarios “ .

Will Square Enix retire Avengers Marvel’sexperience boosts?

This controversy comes in what seemed to be the second chance for Marvel’s Avengers: on the one hand, its arrival in the Xbox Game Pass catalog had given it an audience boost, placing it even among the most played on Xbox, while on the other hand it was recently presented the news that you will receive throughout the remainder of the year, a roadmap that includes the expected launch of the Spiderman character on PlayStation consoles.

It remains to be seen whether Square Enix retracts this decision or not. For now, players can continue to enjoy this action-adventure on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, an “entertaining and spectacular game that boasts a surprisingly fun and addictive combat system”. as we said in our analysis.