Scholarships for Higher Degrees Which one can we apply for?

If you are considering studying a professional training next year, a very important aspect to take into account are the grants and scholarships for Higher Degrees that you have available.

Future students of higher degrees can apply for scholarships for higher vocational training , financial aid to make training more accessible to people belonging to families with lower incomes. Some of these grants are the Scholarship for University studies or the CAM Scholarship for training cycles or granted by official bodies such as the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training or the Community of Madrid.

In this post you will be able to know requirements, application submission deadlines and what steps you need to apply for a scholarship to study a higher degree at the European University


  • SCHOLARSHIPS FROM THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID FOR TRAINING CYCLES : Students who are enrolled or have a place reservation for any CFGS – in person or in a private center – can apply for the call. There are several things to take into account:
    1. You must be enrolled in the full course and not be a repetitive
    2. You must not exceed 35 years if you take the first year or 36 years if you take the second year.
    3. You must not exceed the per capita family income limit of 20,000 euros .
    4. The maximum amount of the scholarship is € 2,600 and the deadline for submitting the application is June 25. 
  • SECOND CHANCE GRANT FOR TRAINING CYCLES: It is a grant from the Community of Madrid co-financed by the European Social Fund Youth Employment Initiative. To access this scholarship, you must be between 16 and 30 years old and registered within the National Youth Guarantee System. Second chance scholarship amounts vary each year. For more information about the scholarship and to know what documentation must be presented, you can visit the website of the Community of Madrid.
  • UNIVERSITY STUDIES SCHOLARSHIPS FROM THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION: The general scholarships for university studies are designed for students who are enrolled in university education in Spain at all levels – including a vocational training course.The amount of the scholarship is made up of two parts: the fixed part and the variable part. For the variable part, four things are taken into account mainly:
    1. Enrollment fees: only credits for which the student enrolls for the first time will be taken into account.
    2. Fixed amount associated with the student’s residence during the school year.
    3. Fixed amount associated with the student’s income.
    4. Fixed amount linked to excellence in academic performance.

As with the other scholarships, you must meet certain requirements such as:

  1. Be Spanish, or possess the nationality of a Member State of the European Union.
  2. Not possess at the time of applying for the scholarship a degree equal to or higher than the studies for which the scholarship is requested.
  3. Gather the rest of the academic and financial requirements specified in the call.


If you are not successful and you cannot access one of the scholarships already mentioned in this post, do not worry. From the European University, we also offer several scholarship and aid options, such as financial aid in reserving a place for new students . To access it, you have to formalize your enrollment in a higher degree, bachelor’s degree or masters – in face-to-face format – before June 30 .

Hurry and organize yourself for the change that you are going to find here at the European University. See you soon