Sports related careers and jobs

Do you want to turn your passion for sports into your dream job? You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy sports-related work . Many people who already have a job associated with some sporting activity, work directly with athletes or in other positions giving support or organizing sporting events.

The possibilities of finding professions and careers related to sports are very extensive. In this post, we will see some of those options and how to enter that sector.


Performance analysis is the process of evaluating performance in a sport to develop an understanding of actions that can inform decision-making, optimize performance, and assist coaches and players on their way to optimal results. In many teams, this would consist of a tactical evaluation, movement analysis, analysis through video and databases, and data presentations for coaches and players.

A few years ago, the role of a sports analyst was simply to record a training session or game and create highlight videos to provide to managers and players for review. Video recording and editing made up the vast majority of an analyst’s role.

Today, analysts require much more expertise in numerous hardware and software thanks to advances in technology, enabling more sophisticated data collection and storage and a greater demand for data presentation training. With the growth of Big Data, the large amount of data collected in the world of sports requires analytical experts to manage, disseminate and generate knowledge from this data. To build a professional career as a sports analyst, we recommend that you study one of our specialized courses in big data and sports at the European University, such as the Course in Football Analysis through Data.


Sports marketing in a branch of the industry that tries to promote sports events and tournaments, defend the brand of the sports club or organization, and reach a wider audience through digital media and social networks, among others. Today, the key to being successful in this sector is having a deep knowledge of digital marketing since most of the actions in a marketing plan are done through digital. It is important to know how to build a digital strategy, how to improve engagement with followers, and how to use and analyze data to improve the performance of marketing campaigns.

Do not miss the opportunity to become an expert in sports marketing with the European University. You can choose, for example:



Sports coaches and coaches help people improve their fitness. They focus on the complete development of an athlete’s physical performance: not only strength training, but also speed, endurance, agility, stability, and injury prevention. If you like the idea of ??working at an elite sports level, this may be the ideal career for you.

In addition to the ability to work with elite athletes or teams, there are also opportunities to work with amateur athletes. This career depends on a combination of education, certification, and experience. To enter this sector, professionals normally study a degree or master’s degree related to coaching, such as:



In recent years, the global sports market was valued at € 405 billion and is expected to reach more than € 500 billion by 2022. And with all that money at stake, the industry needs a robust system of controls and regulations to ensure that fans, players and clubs get the best offers and conditions. That’s where sports lawyers come in. They handle everything from contracts to trademark law to tax matters. And while they probably won’t get the same adoration as our favorite sports stars, they play a crucial role in making sure we get to enjoy our favorite sporting events.

Sports attorneys represent the legal interests of their clients, which can include individual players, athletes, coaching staff, and even entire teams. They help secure and negotiate contracts, facilitate endorsement deals, resolve labor disputes, and advocate for their clients’ interests when it comes to internal issues with their clubs or organizations. They will even defend their clients in court against criminal charges, as well as in lawsuits for breach of contract, harassment or any other problem. To specialize in this sector, it is necessary to have studied a degree, postgraduate or course, for example the Course in Sports Mediation and Conflict Resolution in Sports.


Sports physiotherapy is one of the specialties of physiotherapy which seeks the rehabilitation, care and prevention of athletes. Some of the goals of a sports physical therapist are to shorten recovery time, assess the situation, adapt the body to training, and prevent injury. Today, it is necessary to know how to use software and artificial intelligence to help with the development of prevention and rehabilitation plans, and also with injury diagnoses.

With the Course in Artificial Intelligence in Sports Physiotherapy you will obtain all the necessary training in functional analysis and how to develop prevention and rehabilitation plans according to the functional evolution of the athlete. With theMaster in Sports Training and Rehabilitation , you will design strategies in the field of sports training and sports rehabilitation


As a sports administrator, those who usually study programs such as a Master’s Degree in Management of Sports Entities MBA , you will help ensure the proper functioning of a sports organization, which can range from the marketing plan in a sports club to human resources, business strategy and financial issues. There are also opportunities in sport financing companies, sponsors. In addition, examples of jobs related to sports management include positions in local, regional, national and even international federations and associations.

Sports administrators have a variety of responsibilities. Generally speaking, they focus on organizing events and managing sports facilities. Additional duties are likely to include promoting your club’s services, responding to patrons, fundraising, and possibly working with budgets and dealing with supply chain management.

If you want to train to be able to start working in the sports management sector, you should also consider our Course in Corporate Social Responsibility through Sports  or the Course in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Sports Management. 


Sports journalists write and report on professional sports. The career of a sports journalist can be very diverse as they do various tasks such as reporting match statistics, interviewing coaches and players, and offering comments and opinions on matches. A sports journalist can work in a variety of media, including radio, television, and newspapers. With the Master in Sports Journalism , you will have the opportunity to learn from top-level sports journalists.

As we have mentioned before, there are endless possibilities of finding a sports-related job. The combination of relevant academic studies and experience in the sector in which you want to work are the key points – and all this can be found at the European University.