The best controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch

Both the Joy-Cons and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller are great, but they’re too expensive to have more than one. So, as an alternative, we are going to recommend the controllers compatible with the Nintendo Switch that we love the most. Know more about water guns.

There are them with and without cable, larger or smaller, with different grips and above all, with different prices. And it is that, from the cheapest to the most expensive, we find many controls compatible with the Nintendo Switch that do not have to envy anything to the originals. If you want to know what they are to save a few euros, especially if you are one of those who play in groups of 4 or even 8 people, this article interests you but a lot.

The best controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you are willing to pay it for €60, the official Switch Pro Controller is one of the best controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch (as if it weren’t). In terms of performance, resistance, battery, connectivity and comfort it is the best and if you have ever had one in your hands you will be with us. But can it be found cheaper? Of course! The trick is to buy the second-hand Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for less than €40 and with a two-year warranty. You might be interested in pool volleyball net.

PowerA Enhanced

If you want the same quality as the official pro controller but don’t want to buy that specifically for whatever reason, the best compatible controller for the Nintendo Switch developed by other companies is the PowerA Controller Enhanced (especially if you’re a Zelda fan). For an approximate price of €70 you will have a wireless controller and it has motion controls, 30 hours of battery and the same design as the Pro controller for the Switch. Learn more about volleyball net for pool.

PDP Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio

One of the few Nintendo Switch compatible controllers that has a headphone jack for €20 . Why hadn’t anyone thought of this before? And it is that, in addition, the control allows you to adjust the volume of the music during the game and you can customize it with different interchangeable faceplates. The only negative is that it is not wireless, although for its price we could not demand it. Of course, you will have 3 meters of cable to play with total freedom.

Kinvoca Joycon Pad

If instead of a controller what you need is to change your Joy-Cons for ones compatible with the Nintendo Switch (or you want an extra pair for multiplayer games) for €30 , the Kinvoca Joycon Pads are an economical alternative to the originals. You will find them in various colors, they are fully compatible with the Switch and they even have movement and rumble controls.

HORI Horipad

If you don’t want to spend too much and need a controller compatible with the Nintendo Switch as soon as possible, the HORI Horipad is what you’re looking for. At the cost of losing the vibration, motion control, wireless connection and NFC functions you will have a controller for €15 (or less even if you buy a second-hand Hori Horipad ) Otherwise, it has a 3 meter cable (what which is appreciated to play from the sofa) and has a removable directional pad to be able to customize it.

HORI Left Joycon D-Pad Controller

If most of the time you play in portable mode, this Joy-Con compatible with the Nintendo Switch interests you. And it is that, in addition to the grip, the lack of a traditional directional pad on the left Joy-Con can be strange and this is precisely what they fix with the one that uses divided buttons instead. To correct this, for €25 Hori has created its own left Joy-Con controller, with a directional pad, which can completely replace the normal left Joy-Con, since it is only compatible with the console in handheld mode.


The PowerA are the most famous controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch and for €15 you will have a solid controller where the value for money is excellent (cheaper if you buy second-hand PowerA controllers ). Regarding the remote, it incorporates a 2.5 meter cable and given its price it does not have NFC or movement controls. The positive thing is that you will have designs to bore you and choose the one you like best based on your favorite games or colors.

GameCube-style PowerA

If you ever had a GameCube and miss the feeling of playing with its controller, for €30 the PowerA Wireless Game Cube Style Controller is a controller compatible with the Nintendo Switch that will bring back that nostalgia. With motion controls on board it feels great to use, the downside however is that it doesn’t have rumble or NFC capabilities. Also, instead of being rechargeable, it requires two AA batteries.

8Bitdo SN30 Pro

Do you enjoy playing all the retro games on the Nintendo Switch? So why not use a Nintendo Switch compatible retro controller that perfectly embodies that nostalgia. With the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro, for €24, we will have all the functions of the normal controls plus two joysticks so you can play as if you had a Pro Controller.

8Bitdo Zero 2

8Bitdo’s Zero 2 controller is a cheap mini alternative to Joy-Con controllers. For €20 you will have a wide variety of colors, all the buttons you need for multiplayer games in addition to the traditional direction pad, the front and back buttons. Finally, and as if that were not enough, they are compatible with PC, Mac and Android devices via Bluetooth.

8Bitdo Lite

A little larger and more complete than the previous model, the 8Bitdo Lite are another great alternative if you are looking to get a pair of controllers compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Although it doesn’t have advanced functions like movement or rumble, or even no joysticks due to its small size, it does have two (or three) D-pads, and the functionality of the turbo buttons. And it is that, for the €20 that this tiny, but good controller costs, we cannot ask for more.

Mayflash Magic-NS

What if we told you that you can make almost any controller compatible with the Nintendo Switch? For €25 , the Magic-NS allows the wireless connection of PS5, PS4, PS3, Wii U Pro, Xbox One S or Xbox Series X controllers to your Nintendo Switch so you can play comfortably with any of these controllers that you surely have at home.

HORI Split Pad Pro

If you like to play with the Nintendo Switch on the go, the Hori Split Pad Pro is an impressive option for €30. Enhanced grip joysticks, larger buttons and wide handles will give you a much better gaming experience than Joy-Cons can offer. Plus, assignable rear triggers and turbo functionality make these Nintendo Switch compatible controllers a great choice for fighting games and arena shooters.

Frequently asked questions about controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch

Is the Pro controller better than the Joy-Cons?

Overall, the Pro Controller is better than the Joy-Cons. It has a better grip, its analog sticks are more reliable (especially due to the failure of the Joy-Con) which will allow you to be more precise when playing. You have to take into account its price and if you use the Nintendo Switch in portable mode it may not be worth it. You should base your decision on budget and play style. For us, the Pro Controller outperforms the Joy-Con in almost any situation, but your situation may be different.

How long do Nintendo Switch controllers take to charge?

If we talk about the official controllers such as the Joy-Con, these take between three and four hours to charge (both connected to the Switch itself and to the handle) and in the case of the Nintendo Switch Pro controller it can take up to six hours to charge completely. As for the rest of the controls compatible with Nintendo Switch, you should read the manufacturer’s specifications to find out.

Can a Nintendo Switch controller be used on PC?

Yes! You can use either the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or many of the compatible controllers on this list, on your PC either wired or wirelessly (via Bluetooth). Alternatively, you can also simply connect your Pro Controller to your PC, or another controller. compatible, with a USB-C cable.

Why are Nintendo Switch controllers so expensive?

If you want to buy a new Nintendo Switch controller, you will have noticed that they are quite expensive (that is why we recommend buying second-hand Nintendo Switch controllers, you save and help reduce the carbon footprint). The reason for its price compared to other Nintendo Switch compatible controllers is that the official controllers include technology such as motion, HD Rumble, and a built-in NFC reader.

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