The Camino de Santiago from Sarria

The Camino de Santiago from Sarria  follows the course of the Camino Frances, which begins in the neighboring country and enters Spain through Roncesvalles, in Navarra.

The route

In Galicia, this route begins in the Bierzo region, and it is a low-difficulty route, whose last stage from the Municipality of Sarria  is recommended for families with children over ten years of age.

From this town in Lugo, the itinerary is 111 kilometres, which exceeds the hundred that must be done on foot or on horseback to reach the minimum distance and obtain the Compostela.

The estimated time to complete this stage of the Camino from Sarria to Santiago is at least seven or eight days . It is important to plan according to the rhythm of our children, so that they enjoy the route and it does not become too heavy for them.

The first thing we must do is process the Compostela in a hostel , a document that is a kind of passport that is stamped at the different stages of the journey. This is an essential requirement to sleep in the houses and rural hostels of the Xacobea Route.

If your children have not made their first communion , in principle they will not be given the Compostela as such, but rather a welcome document to Santiago.

Plan the route of the Camino de Santiago from Sarria

It is very important to calculate the daily sections that we are going to cover and locate the hostels to sleep in advance. We must take into account the ages of our children, to take breaks and make it a pleasant family experience. It is about having a good time and enjoying the journey, so if they need to rest more than necessary, it is better not to hinder them, since they are many hours and many days walking without stopping. In total there are about 5 stages of the path, which we will distribute according to the needs.

During the journey, either the yellow lines on the ground must be followed, or the yellow shell that is constantly marking the way, the classic symbol of the pilgrim.

More tips for the tour

To complete the Camino de Santiago it is essential to wear trekking shoes , the most suitable for the relief of the route and for the Galician climate. Seamless and special socks for sweating will be your best allies, as they will prevent you from getting too many blisters when walking, which are so annoying and uncomfortable. Comfortable clothing is essential, as well as a fleece or sweater in case it gets chilly.

In summer it is recommended to wear a hat and sunscreen to avoid burning. It is also important to bring a raincoat so as not to get wet if it rains, as well as carrying a well-filled canteen to drink water along the way.

It is very important to pack light and always have spare socks on hand.

As for clothing, in addition to necessarily being comfortable, it is important that it be made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, since they are light, comfortable garments that dry quickly and prevent chafing. It is also recommended to carry a medium easy-drying microfiber towel, which saves space in the backpack.