Things You Didn’t Know About Hilarious Ugandan Comedian Ann Kansiime

Some comedians are very inventive and they know the best ways not only to delight fans, but also to completely win their hearts. One such type of comedian is Ann Kansiime, Uganda’s foremost humorist. Okay, you must have known her as a fun bag who makes a grand entrance in the African comedy world and of course is a comedy genius, but there are things you still don’t know about her. Yes! Not only is she one of East Africa’s most improvisatory comedians of all time, undeniably admired by many, including comedians in general. That’s why we bring you lesser known facts you didn’t know about this super talented comedian.

Who is Kansiime?

Kansiime is a Ugandan comedian, entertainer and actress. Her full name is Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne. Some East African media also calls her “East Africa’s Queen of Comedy”.


Kansiime is a Christian living in Kampala, Uganda.

About Kansiime’s Birth:

She was born on April 13, 1987 (age 28) in Mparo Village, Kabale District, western Uganda. Kansiime’s father worked at a bank and is currently a retired banker, while her mother, a full-time housewife, stays at home to provide for her family, handle all household affairs, and do all household chores.

educational background

Kansiime attended Kabale Primary School for her elementary education. She then studied at Bweranyangi Girls’ Senior Secondary School in Bushenyi for her O Level and A Level education. She then continued her education at Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and largest public university, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences.


She is married to Gerald OjokAcholi and they have no children yet. Around February 2015, she was in the process of putting together an album of children’s songs that she plans to release later in 2015.

vocational training

Considered by many East Africans to be one of the most recognized comedians in the world today, Kansiime started in 2007 while still pursuing an undergraduate degree at Makerere University to take part in comedy skits produced by one of the leading theater companies known as, Theater Factory , the fun group that played at the Uganda National Theater in Kampala’s CBD. She then joined the next Echo-Making Theater Fun , which took the place of Theater Factory after the group’s dissolution. The group currently plays every Thursday night. The best skits were broadcast on NTV Uganda on the Internet Barbed Wire TV show, which later became WendeShe was in the MiniBuzz with Brian Mulondo as the taxi interviewer , offering comic video dramatizations of important issues that random passengers were talking about.

Why her career is exploding now more than ever:

Based on recorded conversations she had during her stay in 2014, Anne started posting some of her sketch comedy sketches on YouTube. She received positive feedback that spurred her on to post more videos. Shortly thereafter, she received a major breakthrough on screen when she was offered the opportunity to produce, star and present a comedy show once a week on Kenya’s Citizen TV. She then came on with the Don’t Mess with Kansiime comedy show. As of November 2014, her YouTube channel had amassed a huge following with over 15 million visitors. Your YouTube videos always get hundreds and thousands of views.

Other services:

Kansiime has also appeared on BBC Focus on Africa and has performed in Blantyre, Gaborone, Kigali, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, Lilongwe, London and Lusaka. Although Kansiime has many acting commitments, she has continued to perform and explore as a notable and valid standup comedian. Her style of comedy tends to emphasize aspects of her personal life. According to her, “I like to talk about things that are going on in life because it will always be different and original.”


The standup comedian has won a number of awards as listed below.

  • AIRTEL Women of Substance Awards 2014
  • BEFFTA 2013 Winner (Best Comedian).
  • Lagos International Festival 2013 Winner (Best Actress).
  • Gewinner der Social Media Awards (Favorite Celebrity)
  • African Social Awards Malaysia (ASAM) – 2013