Top 3 Logo Design Websites

A logo is the presentation of your brand and we already know how important first impressions are . In this article we see the best websites to design your logo completely free of charge and some tips on how to design it.

Of course, you must bear in mind that we are not professionals. We only give advice on how to do it as well as possible yourself.

In this article you will find three completely free logo design websites . You will only have to indicate your email and you will be able to download the logo that you have created, without cheating or cardboard.

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How to create a free logo online?

First of all, it is essential that you keep in mind that we are not professionals, and we do not pretend to be.

Creating a logo is not an easy task, but in this section we see some important points to guide us on how to design a logo for our project.

Before starting to work, it is important that you meditate on several points that will mark the aesthetics of your logo:

  • What does your company/project do?
  • What colors do you want to use?
  • What font do you want to use?

In the first question we will enter a little later, but go giving it a spin.

As for colors , you should reflect on what you want to convey and what values ??your brand has. The psychology of colors is an art, and I leave you with an infographic by Lydia Calero so you can see what each color conveys.

Also, you should not look for just one color, but a palette. For this there is a page that will make things much easier for you: colors . From here you can create them yourself or be inspired by the pre-designs.

Finally, in terms of typography , it is important that you choose one that is not so striking that it captures all the attention or makes it difficult to read.

Another tool that can help you a lot in designing your logo is Google Fonts . I leave you an article in which we delve much more about this:

It is important that your logo is simple but recognizable . An overly ornate logo will give bad feelings to the person who sees it for the first time, as well as being unattractive.

Think of the logos of large companies, such as Apple, Mercerdes or McDonalds , which are based on simple geometric shapes and you could draw without them in front of you.

As for the simplicity of the logo, it is also essential that you watch the colors, that they are not more than three , and that the typography is easy to read.

On the other hand, look for the concept of your brand or project. What does he do? What sector does he belong to?

For example, if it’s a greengrocer, you can search for some fruit or something related, or if it’s a dental clinic, you can play with a table or a tooth vector.

The important thing is that, along with what we have just seen about simplicity, you find a concept that represents your brand.

Although I have given it to you as an example, it does not have to be directly related to what your brand does, it can be related to how the company was created , with some important event , etc.

Also think about who your target audience is and try to focus the design on them.

Lastly, try to make your logo timeless . We cannot know what will be fashionable in 10 or 20 years, but we can maintain ourselves in standards that do not suffer too much over time.

For example, avoid using effects (such as 3D or shadows in typography) that, although you look very cool now , you may regret in a few years. And yes, think about how the photos that were uploaded to social networks were retouched a few years ago.

At the time, it seemed to you that it was the most “ top ” and the most beautiful, but when we take a look at it now it is very unattractive.

1. Canva, the #1 website to create free logos

Canva is possibly the best-known web design for non-professionals . And it is not for less, since it is surprising how much you can create without paying a single euro .

On its website you will find templates of all kinds: posts for social networks, posters, presentations and, of course, logos. You can see all this from its main page. Since we are talking about logos here, I especially recommend their logo design page .

When you choose to design a logo, you arrive at a new page in which in the left margin you have many ideas that can serve as inspiration.

When you select one of them, and click on one of its elements, you see how you can modify the color of the vectors or the typography of the text, but keep in mind that this is like a blank sheet of paper, and that you can add, edit or delete everything you want.

For example, let’s create a logo for a physical therapy clinic. We are going to take this pre-designed logo in Canva as a base, but to make it original we are going to make some changes:

First, we’re going to upload a vector that we’ve downloaded into IconFinder. As you will see in the next section, it is important that the symbols or figures that make up your logo are related or in some way linked to your brand.

Canva has its own vectors, which you can search for in the menu on the left, but to be a little more original , I recommend that you also search on pages like IconFinder , Flaticon or Freepick .

To upload this vector, click on “ Uploaded Files ” in the left margin and select the one you want.

And another basic thing: when looking for a vector to use in your logo in banks like IconFinder, make sure that the icon or vector that you are going to download has a commercial license.

You can configure this so that when you have the search, put a filter that only shows you those that are free.

When it has been uploaded, it will appear in this same margin as you see in this image.

Now, we are going to replace the default symbol with the one we have uploaded. To remove the original, simply select it and click the delete button on your computer.

To add the newly uploaded, you just have to click on it and place it where you want.

It is essential that you center all the elements . For this you can use the lines that appear pink when you move an object.

Now we are going to modify the text that appears , and change it to “ Physiotherapy Clinic ” and “Fisio a Tope ”.

When you have it selected, you can see in the upper bar how you can modify both the color and the font. In this case we are going to keep the same font, but change the color to a dark blue.

Finally we are going to change the color of the background and make it white. Click on any part of the canvas where there are no elements and you will see that a small square appears at the top left.

You must click on it and choose the color you like best.

The only disadvantage of Canva is that to download the logo in maximum quality you have to pay a small amount. If not, you can download it at 80% of its maximum quality.

2. Create the logo for your company with Ucraft

Ucraft is a website to create logos for your project completely free of charge.

It has the disadvantages that it does not have pre-designed logos (which is even better, because we were not going to keep one that was not original) and that you cannot upload files. Even so, it is well worth it and it is very easy to use.

In this example we are going to design the logo for a Ballet school called “ Odette ” (as the protagonist of the Swan Lake work).

We are going to add the text first, so we click on this option in the left bar, and a new text box is added.

It is in this box where you must indicate the new text, which in this case will be ” Odette “.

To change the font you must click on the top bar, where you see that you have all the options to customize the font, such as color or typography.

To customize the font, click on the second option, and see how a list is displayed with the different fonts that you can use.

And this is one of the strongest points of Ucraft, and that is that it is connected to Google Fonts, and you can use the font you want.

To add a new one, click on “ Add New Font ”, and now you can see all the fonts. I am going to filter and choose a “ Handwriting ” for the central text.

I am going to replicate the process with the other text to include “Escuela de Baile”, and to position the figure where it agrees more with these.

Now we are going to add an icon, so we click on that button and type in the search bar “ Ballet ”.

When we have chosen the icon, we click on it to add it to the workspace.

Now all you have to do is change the color. For that it is important that you remember the infographic that we have seen before.

In this case, since it is a ballet school, I think that purple and dark blue can go very well.

To change the color of the text we only have to click on the “ Color ” section of the upper bar, having selected the element that you want to modify.

In the case of the text, you can only choose a single color per text, but in the icon you can create gradients.

In this case I’m going to choose a solid color for both. A trick you can play with is to increase the transparency of the figure to highlight one part or another more.

Also, if you have doubts about what color or colors to choose, you can help yourself from the Colors website .

Do not forget a very important detail: you must center all the elements. To do this, select them and click on the center option that appears in the bar above.

With this we would have finished the creation of our logo for our Ballet school.

Now to download it we just have to click on the button in the lower corner of “ Preview ” and then on “ Download ”.

To download it for free, click on the first download option in .PNG format.

So that you can see a real example of a logo created with this website, I leave you this video in which we teach you how to set up an online store step by step with WordPress , in which we have created the logo with Ucraft:

3. How to design a logo with Free Logo Design

The last alternative that I present to you here, Free Logo Design , is very good, although it has the disadvantage of not being able to upload files from your computer. Still, it is highly recommended.

When you access their website, you see on their main page all the categories that you can select for your logo and some design ideas.

In this example we are going to continue without a template and create a logo for a digital marketing company called “ Marketing for everyone”.

We arrive at its editing page, where on the left margin you have the possibilities that you can add: text, icon, shape and logo.

If you click on any of these it will be added to the workspace.

First, we are going to add the text and modify its font. When you click on it, a new space opens on the right margin where you can modify its color, font, size, etc.

Now we are going to add an icon to accompany the logo. We click on “ Add icon ”. There is a search bar where you can enter the concept of what you are looking for.

When you are done, click “ Download ” and you will be able to download your logo.

In short, as we have seen, creating your logo is not an easy task, but by following a series of guidelines we can make the task easier:

  • Think about what you want to convey . For the design of a logo you can think about what your brand is dedicated to, how it was created or something related.
  • Be original . Do not stay with the pre-designed templates, you can modify many things. As we have seen, you can upload other vectors that you have downloaded from other specialized websites. If you stick with the ones offered by logo design sites, you will likely find other similar logos on the market.
  • Design a simple logo, without “ gimmicks ” or things that can quickly go out of style.
  • Investigate first what typography and what colors represent your brand. You can use the tools we have talked about before.