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Trevor Noah is a popular South African comedian. He is usually referred to as “the funny man”. Recently, Trevor Noah made the list of hot names in international comedy. He is the latest contributor to The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Premiere on December 4th 2014. He is steadily gaining international recognition and fame and I think you must have heard of him. But how much do you know about him? There are a great many interesting things about him that you will wonder about if you don’t know about them. Continue reading…

About Travis and his parents

Trevor Noah was born on February 20, 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is currently 34 years old.

He is of mixed parentage as he was born to a sonSouth African (Xhosa) mother ‘Noah’ and a white European (Swiss) father ‘Noah’ in the heat of South African apartheid. This is usually one of the main sources of fun in his comedy talks. Since intermarriage was illegal at the time, it was really a hide-and-seek marriage since his mother was arrested from time to time for marrying his father, a white man.

He grew up in the city of Soweto and it was never smooth due to apartheid. His parents were always separated and he spent part of his childhood with his grandmother. His parents eventually succumbed to the pressure and separated. After the breakup his mother remarried and it wasn’t a fun time for him then but now he draws so much humor from all the uncomfortable but past events.

In addition, he speaks no fewer than six languages. This ability, he said, was made possible by the people who surrounded him during his childhood. His relations from both sides speak differently and in order to adapt he had to learn their languages.

Regarding his comedic career, Trevor doesn’t seem to have his mother’s support. This was compounded when Trevor’s mother was publicly asked about her views on her son’s career. She never gave a supportive answer. She expressed complete disinterest. This was her answer:

Ufun ‘ukuthetha ngezinto zasecawini” (Is it church matters you want to talk about)? No, unless you want to talk about Izinto Zasecawini, I don’t know. Not at all. I haven’t even seen a movie or a show and I don’t know anything about his life. I’m strict on God’s stuff – not interested in Trevor’s stuff.

Careers and NetWorth

He is a very talented comedian and this is evidenced by the fact that he does not put his speeches in writing, not even a sketch of them like some other comedians do. He does everything spontaneously and that makes a big difference. He generates humor from whatever he deems appropriate for the situation and audience at that moment.

Interestingly, he’s not only a comedian who knows how to make people laugh, he’s also a good dancer. This was confirmed when he took second place with Hayley Hammond in 2008 ‘s Gotta Dance (Celebrity Dance Contest).

In a relatively short period of time in his career, Trevor broke the jinx in a number of situations. First, on January 6, 2012, Noah became the first South African comedian to appear on The Tonight Show . The second jink was broken again on May 17, 2013, becoming the first South African to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman.

He is the best-selling African stand-up comedian because there is no other African stand-up comedian who has sold as much of his comedy DVDs as Trevor.

Comedy got him a job early in his career. This was made possible after he once criticized South African cell phone company Cell C in his stand-up comedy. The manager of the company appreciated it so much that he called him and offered him a place in the company. He worked there for two years alongside his private career. He still makes money from movies and TV shows.

With his current job in the USA as the host of the “Daily Show”, which he assumes on September 28, 2015, he earns per episode. He also has ads from big brands from which he gets loads of sponsorships. He also makes money from hosting other gigs for events, events, stand-up comedy, or just gigs. He’s also a media critic and writer and we think he benefits from that too.

From all his earnings, she was able to acquire a huge penthouse in New York City, covering an area of ??3596 square feet and having an estimated value of R1 30 million or USD 10 million. The house is adequately equipped with 3 bedrooms and 3 full 2 ??half bathrooms with a huge living area and swimming pool.

Its networth is estimated at 14 million US dollars . Here are some numbers:

They laugh but it’s true – $542,986
Crazy Friends – $441,176
Isidingo – $336,134
The Amazing Date – $252,101
Trevor Noah: The Day Walker – $215,208

Stepfather and death threat

His mother and himself would have been murdered by Ngisaveni Shingange, Noah’s former stepfather. Shingange threatened to murder Noah and his mother Nombuyiselo Noah. The man once shot Noah’s mother and also said he was going to kill Trevor, prompting him to briefly relocate from Johannesburg to Los Angeles in 2011. However, he failed and was convicted of murder in court in March 2012. It is known that Trevor’s mother had constantly reported to the police about a series of domestic abuses committed by her husband, but up until the fatal shooting nothing was done about it.

Married, in a relationship or gay?

Previously, Trevor has been quite private as his relationships are changing, and he is beginning to become more open about his personal relationships. While in South Africa, he dated a South African physical therapist named Dani Gabriel, but the couple broke up after he moved to the United States. This was mainly due to his new job and the fact that she had a practice in Cape Town alongside family members. So it would be difficult to leave them all behind. Nevertheless, the two love and support, although they are not alone.

He began dating model and ex-singer Jordyn Taylor (singing on Confessions Of A Shopaholic soundtrack) in June 2015, just months after his heartbreaking split from his ex Dani. In the same year he moved permanently to the USA same year. Trevor also took her to South Africa to visit his family and rest assured we’ll have our fingers crossed if we’re seriously hoping for wedding bells.

There have also been rumors that the ‘Daily Show’ host is gay. Much of this suspicion was fueled by his support for the LGBT community. Well, the comedian hasn’t confirmed that as he’s still in a committed relationship with girlfriend Jordyn. One thing is for sure, if he came out as gay at any time it would be a great loss that would break the hearts of his female fans.




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