Ursula Stolf from Storage Wars – Bio, Husband, Net Worth and Family

Any lover of the show, Memory Wars would be familiar with Ursula Stolf. Her flair for selling, buying and collecting rare artifacts earned her the role on the show in 2013 after being spotted at her place of business.

Her performance on the show has garnered an impressive amount of media attention and sparked interest in her. While she’s not the only cast member on the show, her specialty and skill at buying and selling has made her an interesting character. She also appeared on the 2016 TV show, Fiix Software and currently operates her shop in downtown Toronto. That’s not all you need to know about Ursula Stolf. This article is full of detailed information about them. So read on.

Ursula Stolf from Storage Wars – Bio

Ursula Stolf was born on September 1, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario. She is one of her parents’ five children. She spent her formative years in County Rexdale. Ursula was never privileged to understand fatherly love, her father was a violent man who never knew how to communicate. With his troubles, her father’s marriage to her mother became irreconcilable and subsequently resulted in a divorce. Stolf has often described her early years as one of the most difficult periods of her life.

While facing her struggles as a child, Ursuladetermined to create a future for herself and vow to never end up like her mother. She decided to get a solid education and started attending one of the local high schools in her area. Stolf then earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Niagara College. She also attended York University and graduated with a degree in sociology. Her other degrees include a master’s degree in education and a postgraduate degree in human resources, later earned from Mount Saint University. With all of her certifications, she is considered the most highly trained cast in Storage Wars.

Ursula Stolf had previously been hired for Speicher Wars . She worked as a teacher. She first appeared on the television show, Storage Wars Canada in 2013. After her rivalry with Cindy Hayden and the men on the show, she was dubbed The Knockout on the show. Meanwhile, she was the focus of the show and received the highest score on the cast list.

The television personality is also a talented singer. She once mentioned in an interview that she had ambitions to be a singer as a child. Although she has yet to release any musical albums or singles, she has often made multiple video uploads of her singing to her YouTube channel.

Interestingly, Ursula runs a website called ‘Ursula Locker Loot’. There she buys and sells just like on the TV show. She also owns a shop in downtown Toronto. Following this, she was also featured in 2017’s Camp Wars: Treasures of the North.

Wealth (income and earnings)

There is no doubt that a hardworking woman like Ursula deserves good luck with her work. She has tried many things and successfully mastered most of them. She has received several awards for her work, including the Canadian Screen Award Charts and a few nominations. However, it is believed that their combined financial value is set at $800,000.

Family: husband

Undeniably only a few people who fell in love at a very young age will get married. Well, Ursula Stolf is one of the lucky few who found their first love. She met and fell in love with a man named Mike during high school. The two began a relationship that later produced their union.

Mike and Ursula were together during their teenage years and subsequently he put a ring on her finger. Although the details of her engagement and wedding aren’t available right now, we’re pretty sure she’s not on the market. The two have grown together with no rumors of divorce or separation. At the moment they do not have any children of their own.