What is the best cheap and good hosting? Comparative

In the cheap hosting market, there is a fine red line that separates cheap but good hosting and junk hosting . Here I will present you the best at low prices .

Fortunately, there are good hosting providers and domains in Spanish at practically ridiculous prices .

But there is bad news : the market is also full of junk offers . So you have to distinguish the wheat from the chaff and choose well , especially for PHP applications like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento and the like that all use MySQL databases .

If you do it wrong, you will be paying more for a poor quality service that, as soon as you have some traffic, will complicate your life with drops, slowness and other problems day in and day out.

I have been working for more than a decade with many hostings, so I propose two options :

  1. If you want to get to the point , simply choose one of the recommendations that I will make below . I myself have websites with all of them and I assure you that you will not make a mistake.
  2. If you want to learn how to choose the hosting that suits you best, read the entire post calmly, which also includes a comparison based on real measurements .

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Buy good and cheap hosting and domains: Summary

Personally, I use and recommend as first options, in this order, Webempresa, Raiola Networks and SiteGround, being my favorite Webempresa , which is the one used by this blog, here are the figures .

These options are the best hosting at affordable prices (in the basic plans) among those that I have tried for their good features (speed, security, etc.) and good technical support . His reputation is not the result of chance.

They all also have a free domain and discounts for the first hire.

As an alternative to these more aggressive providers in prices , I can recommend Hostinger, a provider well known for offering free hosting in its beginnings that has evolved into a very cheap option with surprising quality for those prices.

Adding that, following the merger of 1and1 and ProfitBricks to Ionos , we are also testing this extremely cheap option and we hope to incorporate more detailed information in the medium term on this page. More news soon ?

Click to see the details (features, plan prices, etc.) and access the discounts:

  • Webempresa plans, prices and discounts
  • SiteGround plans, prices, and discounts
  • Raiola plans , prices and discounts
  • Hostinger plans, prices and discounts
  • Ionos plans , prices and discounts

That is my recommendation for impatient ?

Cheap hosting in Spain. How to choose a good one

Let’s now talk about the second option that I proposed above: learn to choose a good hosting with your own criteria.

What types of hosting are there and which one to choose?

Let’s be practical: to address in a little depth the different types of hosting that exist and their nuances, it requires, at least, an entire post dedicated to it. In fact, we have one:

But knowing that you are probably looking for a hosting to start with, the reality is that we can summarize everything perfectly in four categories:

  1. Shared hosting : it is the low cost option par excellence. It’s usually Linux hosting because it’s cheaper, but hey, and it’s like renting a room (your account) in a building (the server). That’s why it’s so cheap. With a 99% probability it is what you need.
  2. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server): it is an option around which there is a lot of confusion, that is why I treat it in its own section a little further down. But come on, it will not be the most suitable for you almost certainly.
  3. Cloud hosting : It is a modern concept that improves the scalability of hosting. Let’s say that it is always good that your hosting is cloud type.
  4. Dedicated servers : it is a very expensive type of high-performance hosting that you will not need unless you are the owner of marca.com or elmundo.es, of course ?

In short, you will almost certainly need shared hosting . Here the main risk is the providers that put too many clients on their servers. An overloaded server means a website with little capacity, slow and with many crashes.

That is why it is so important to choose a good shared hosting like the one offered by Webempresa , Raiola Networks, SiteGround or Hostinger.

What features and benefits should I look at to choose?

Here I am also going to summarize things in what are, in my opinion, the 7 most important points :

  1. Nowadays, practically 100% of the websites are based on WordPress , Joomla , Prestashop or similar applications. Make sure that your hosting supports them (except Windows specialized hosting, practically all of them).
  2. Good technical support . Trust me: a hosting without good support is impracticable . The problem is that the quality of the support is not easily measurable, it has a high subjective component, you will have to use opinions and testimonials like this post to decide.
  3. If the support includes specialized support for the applications (WordPress, etc.), even better. With this you already have help for anything that may happen to you and any questions you have with your website.
  4. The quality of the servers . Here the figures that the providers give you in the tables, unfortunately in shared hosting they say nothing. Here you will also have to pull user reviews and testimonials. Here I will give you real measurements .
  5. Disk space , number of supported websites and number of supported email accounts . Basic plans often have limitations on these features. Normally it won’t be a problem. But make sure that in your specific case they do not remain lame.
  6. Security . The host you choose should offer at least weekly (better daily) backups , hack protection for your website, and provide you with a free SSL certificate (for a secure website with HTTPS).
  7. Money back . All quality hosting offers you money back for a period. I recommend you never hire a service that does not offer this. Thus, if you are not satisfied, you ask for a refund, hire another service and that’s it.

Hire the domain and web hosting together or separately?

You can hire the hosting and domain with the same provider or with different providers.

It is a decision of little importance, you can be guided by these guidelines to decide:

  • If you only have one website, don’t get complicated , hire the domain and hosting together .
  • The prices of hosting and domains can be a little cheaper if you hire it in the hosting itself, even free for the first year. But watch out for the price of renewals .
  • If you are going to have at least three or four different websites, then it may pay off to centralize the management of your domains in a single domain provider like GoDaddy, for example. The advantage is the independence of the hosts: you do not need to keep the domain with them if you cancel them and you can reconfigure your domains very easily to connect them with your new service.

What prices have the domains?

In domains, the price issue is simple for two reasons:

  1. Unlike hosting, there are no big differences in quality . Virtually any fairly well-known provider will give you good service.
  2. Domains have fairly uniform prices : generic domains (.com, .org, .net, etc.) are €10-15 per year in practically all providers and national ones (.es, etc.) are usually somewhat cheaper , around €10 is a typical price.

Providers I personally use for domains are GoDaddy and Namecheap. A good Spanish alternative is also Don Dominio.

A special case is if you have a blog with WordPress.com (the WordPress variant that does not require its own hosting) and you want to hire a domain. In this case, they force you to pay an (abusive) €4/month , although that includes some more service improvements, but small.

Beware of these types of “free” sites like WordPress.com , Wix , Squarespace , etc. A site with comparable functionality is much more expensive in this type of service and is still much more limited than a self-hosted WordPress.org site.

Ranges of prices and qualities in hosting

In hosting things change. Here it is very easy to screw up if you are too “stingy” . The reason is that hosting is a more sophisticated service that requires servers, communications networks and qualified technicians to be able to provide it. Scraping resources is expensive in this case…

In this sense, I like to establish three categories :

1. The “garbage hosting”

In my experience, we are talking about prices below €5 per month (without discount). As a general rule, I would advise against hiring something below this threshold.

Here the cheapest hosting in Spanish that I can recommend is Hostinger, it has very good performance on the servers and with the discounts you can reach prices of around €1 per month . Another very similar acceptable option is Ionos.

But beware, once the initial discount has expired, the difference with cheap quality hosting like Raiola Networks is very little. In server speed, etc., you will not notice much difference, but Raiola offers clearly superior support to Hostinger and Raiola.

2. Cheap, but quality hosting

Hosting from €5 per month is the really interesting range for 99% of people who want to launch a website.

It is the one offered by all the companies mentioned here, Webempresa, Raiola Networks and SiteGround.

But beware, even in this price range there are still many bad providers . Therefore, I still strongly advise you to choose very carefully here as well.

3. La gama de hosting premium

The premium range moves between tens and hundreds of euros per month .

As an individual, small professional or SME, you will hardly ever need hosting like this . These are advanced VPS hosting types or with dedicated servers , designed for uses with very special technical needs and/or huge amounts of traffic (millions of visits per month).

Among the recommended options, you can also find this type of service with SiteGround, Raiola Networks and Hostinger.

What is the best cheap hosting for WordPress?

First of all, all of the hosting options examined here are cheap WordPress hosting .

Although there is no “official” definition of what cheap hosting is, we can reasonably consider cheap hosting any web hosting service below €10 per month .

In terms of quality and set of features, as you have seen in the comparison, all the hostings in the comparison are good.

The choice will depend much more on the specific characteristics that you need due to your personal circumstances.

For example: if you are just starting out and, in addition, you are going to create a website for professional use, I would opt more for Webempresa or SiteGround for offering plans with WordPress support. This way you will be covered in case of any problem, even if it is not from the hosting, but from WordPress.

If you are comfortable with WordPress and its technical side, you can get a similar level of service for a little less money with Raiola Networks, but without WordPress support.

And if the criterion is price above all else, the only hostings with super aggressive offers that I can recommend at the moment are Hostinger and Ionos.

VPS Hosting – Be very careful

There is a dangerous false myth that can easily lead you to a bad decision : the false myth that a shared hosting will soon run out of traffic capacity and that the next step, to hold more traffic, is a VPS hosting .

Due to this myth, many people migrate to VPS hosting (which is more expensive ) when it is not really what they need .

Not only do you have to pay a lot more to get the same features in server speed etc, but it is also more complex to manage . Therefore, it is not usually a good solution for “normal” users .

Hiring a VPS hosting is often an error derived from having hired a bad shared hosting that immediately falls short of handling the web traffic, believing that the VPS is going to solve it for you.

But the reality is that a VPS hosting is neither inferior nor superior to a shared one , it is simply a different type of hosting , with different objectives than a shared one.

You will find the best performance / quality / price ratio in shared hosting and 99% (probably more) of readers will serve you forever .

That is to say, normally, at the same price, a VPS will not give you more traffic capacity , but less . Here you pay for other features that a normal user does not usually need.

For this reason, here I have limited myself to analyzing shared hosting plans . If you still consider the VPS options of your interest, take a look at this specific post on the subject:

Benchmark & ??comparative

And now the million dollar question : what results are you going to get with cheap hosting?

We are going to see this with this comparison , based on tables with characteristics and real measurement results . To obtain this data, cloned test websites have been used, tested under the same conditions in the different hostings analyzed.

We have compared the most basic (and therefore cheapest) plans of each company. These plans range between €5 – €10 per month (price without discount) and are all suitable for WordPress or similar PHP applications (Joomla, Prestashop, etc.).

The comparison focuses on the three cheap, but quality hosting that we consider the best in the Spanish market already mentioned: Webempresa , Raiola Networks and SiteGround, plus the super aggressive alternative in prices, but also good, which is Hostinger.

Shortly, I hope to incorporate Ionos test data as well .

Why waste time with bad options? ?

Customer service and technical support

Before we start, let me give you two very important tips :

  1. In technical support, do not overestimate the attention by phone

I consider the phone and the chats a way of support much worse than a good ticket system .

It may surprise you, but this is so because in practice, especially with slightly more complex problems, a good ticket system is often the most efficient way , with which you will lose less time .

But beware, this ceases to be the case when you hardly have any technical knowledge . In that case, a ticket system will not be fluid for you because concepts that you need to understand to understand the answer will escape you more than once.

In these situations, I do consider it important to have the phone or chat channel.

  1. Think about investing a little more in a superior plan if this is the one that offers support for WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc.

In the “normal” support of a hosting does not include the help to the applications (WordPress, etc.) that you install. For this reason, having good technical support for these applications for €3 or €4 more per month is a gift in relation to the value it provides and you are going to take advantage of it in practice.