What Kenyan celebrities who have survived sexual assault have to say

Any form of involuntary sexual activity, including forced kissing, sexual penetration of the vagina, drug-assisted sexual assault, and the like, in which a person is forced to perform any of these acts with violence or threats against the person’s will, or any non-consensual sexual touching of a Person persists permanently on the part of the victim.

Torture is always in the hearts of those who went through it. It’s like someone has an incurable open wound in life. While some of the victims have incredibly recovered enough to speak out about the horrific ordeal, most of them will never be able to tell their stories, and others will remain embarrassed forever. Some even die with the secret because of the stigma attached to sexual assault.

On the lighter side, some brave and intelligent celebrities who have endured and survived the same ordeal have seen fit to share their experiences and offer professional advice to victims of sexual abuse. They spoke out so other victims know there is hope from rape and sexual assault. After reading what these celebrities have to say about their monstrous experiences, be sure to share them on social media so that all rape victims can live through the stigma and discrimination rape victims face.

Below are five Kenyan celebrities who managed to survive the horrific ordeal:

1. Adelle Onyango

Adelle Onyango bravely shared her rape story for the first time in 2012 to the world. She and her friends had left a house party to visit a club in Westlands, Nairobi, when she discovered in 2008 that she had left her cell phone in a friend’s car who had dropped her off. She told her friends that she would get the phone. She left them at Club Changes and went to another club where her buddy had parked his car.

As she was walking down the street, a man approached her from some nearby shop stalls. According to her, the man looked neat and polite and asked if he could take her where she was going. She politely declined the offer and went on her way. Only to see him following her but not giving it too much thought until she was nearing the back way of the nearby police station when he got closer, pushed her down, pushed into her and ran off when he was done. *pretty sad*

Well, the popular radio personality told Sharing her rape with anyone and everyone else isn’t a big deal anymore because she had people on her side. She has since launched an initiative called “Project She” to empower women who have overcome various challenges in their lives.

2. Eva D. Souza

Eve D Souza, one of Kenya’s most creative radio personalities was brave enough to share how she was assaulted and violently raped by two men in June 2005. But now she’s completely erased the bad feeling that comes with stigma, having bravely spoken out about the horrific incident. In an interview with Cate Mukei, Eve D’souza, the cheeky but shy former radio girl, says it made her even stronger. She described all rapists as sick cowards and yes! You are real.

3. Elizabeth Irungu

Elizabeth Irungu, former youth TV presenter, Kenyan producer and model was impressed by Adelle’s story. She then shared her gruesome story with her Facebook fans. She was badly beaten by the man who tried to rape her. Although he failed to achieve his evil and filthy goal, he tore open her top and her breasts fell out. He probably managed to caress her breasts, but she couldn’t open up about it to anyone until Adelle revealed her own ordeal.

4. Ann Mbaru

Ex-Kenyan Big Brother Africa roommate Ann Mbaruwas also a victim of sexual assault. Just a few weeks ago, she revealed she was almost raped by a taxi driver who stroked her breasts and told her not to say anything. She had to lie because she had friends in high places who would pursue him to the edge before she could escape the ordeal.

5. Shailja Pate

The famous Kenyan feminist accused fellow Standard Group poet and columnist Tony Mochama of sexually assaulting her at an international gathering of poets in Kenya. Tony Mochama, invited among friends to a BBQ gathering for Kenya’s top poets at Wambui Mwangi’s Spring Valley home, however, denied the claims, which were witnessed and corroborated by other poets in attendance, calling him a perpetual pervert.