Where are car auctions held in Spain?

They represent an extraordinary opportunity to get vehicles at a good price. But you have to be very careful, that’s why we are going to inform you about how to consult and where car auctions are held in Spain.

In our country, the Public Administrations carry out auctions of cars repossessed by debts. These are advertised on the web pages of the administration in charge of said auction. In addition to these official organizations, there are other places that offer these services. Know more about Lexus ne shitje.

Where are car auctions held?

When buying a vehicle at a lower price than the market price, you can go to public auctions. You have to know that, in most cases, the cars that are sold in them have debts with public administrations.

Public administrations

The City Councils, the Central Government or the Autonomous Communities can carry out auctions of repossessed cars. These must be published in a mandatory manner through the Official Gazette of the Administration or the BOE. The main drawback of this type of auction is that you must pay attention to the bulletins of all the autonomous communities and municipalities to be able to find out when they are held and you must go in person to the place where they are held.


Another source of opportunities are banks. Entities usually seize vehicles for non-payment. In principle, they are usually sold quickly to dealers, although auctions are sometimes held. In these cases, you must obtain the information by visiting the branches .

Ministry of Employment and Social Security

The Ministry of Employment and Social Security carries out auctions of goods of all kinds from embargoes and therefore, also of cars. To do this you must access the auction page of the Tax Agency. In this case, you will be able to find vehicles with a very low price, but you should know that they may be subject to very long legal processes. On some occasions, these cars have been immobilized for a long time, so their conditions are not always the most optimal.


The Ministry of Finance can hold auctions of vehicles belonging to the State Mobile Park. Information about its celebration and stock can be found on its website, in the section dedicated to car auctions. The main drawback of this form of auction is that the fleet offered, when it goes to public auction, already has a high number of kilometers behind it.

Acquiring a vehicle through one of these auctions means savings on the car, but so is taking out MAPFRE Tailor-made Car Insurance and only paying for the coverage you really need.

Specialized websites

These types of websites are recently created and are designed so that an individual can bid on different vehicles at auction. Its main advantage is that you can participate in them without physically traveling to any of the headquarters of the administrations that hold the event. They act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, but they do not assure the interested party of the condition or quality of the car offered . These are some of the most important:

  • Bring A Trailer : within it there is great diversity in terms of types of cars to suit all audiences and pockets. Here you will find everything from utility models to high-end vehicles, always under the umbrella of historical value. The cars offered come from any corner of the planet, something that you must take into account when purchasing the car.
  • Autorola : although it works as an intermediary, the company is in charge of carrying out an appraisal of the vehicles to offer better guarantees to the client.

As you can see, there are several places where you can access a vehicle through auction. The offer is wide and allows the buyer to get hold of models at a low price. Although it may seem like a great option, it is advisable to be prudent and check the characteristics and condition of the car, in addition to making sure that it is free of criminal or administrative charges.